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Wild yak tibetan restaurant - home noodles with beef
12. MOMO Probably the most popular Tibetan dishes, fresh
coarse-hamburger coupled with herbs & spices, wrapped
in a tiny parcel of hands made dough, steamed and offered
with hot sauce. 9 pieces. 13.00

13. MOMO NGOPA Fried beef offered with hot sauces. 9 pieces. 13.50

14. THUKPA Tibetan niche, noodles offered with beef, chicken,
mixed periodic vegetables & fungus inside a wealthy soup. 13.00

15. LAPAU SHA White-colored radish cooked with tender beef & herbs. 13.50

16. SHA NYAMO-KYURMO Tender beef cooked with lemon,
honey, tomato plants & herbs. 13.50

17. SHA PHING Soya bean threads sautéed with lean beef,
fungus and fresh periodic vegetables. 13.00

18. SHA TSEL Crunchy combination of vegetables with
marinated lean beef. 13.00

19. SHA SARSHA Tender slices of beef cooked with mushrooms
& fresh herbs. 13.50

20. SHA SOLO Lean beef marinated & stir-fried with hot chilies
& herbs. 14.00

21. SHA GOGPA Lean beef cooked having a wealthy garlic clove sauce. 13.50

22. SHA THUKPA NGOPA Special stir-fried noodles with beef
& vegetables. 11.50

23. SHA DEH NGOPA Special fried grain with beef & vegetables. 11.50

Wild yak tibetan restaurant - home with             marinated leanResourse: http://wildyakrestaurant.com/

Rare Tibetan Wild Yak 1


Jan. Lotan: They are actually domesticated yaks. Wild yaks are much bigger and stronger looking.

Jo C: Most likely not purely wild. Many must be domestic rejects and their descendants gone wild over years or decades. Many are not pure yaks either looks hybrid with cows. Pure wild have more fur.

Connie Rupe: I'm a yak lover<3 pandaproducification: wild yaks are so fluffy! and awesome!!!!!!!!!\n

Dyokoto: some are wild, most of them are domestic, lol,,,,

Pasang Norbu: @K9TMD I am shock that discovery channel would show such a story. 

K9TMD: @khumbuyeti yeah, well I can't argue with that, maybe the filmakers tried to make us think they were wild yak cos they could not find any eh?

Pasang Norbu: The wild yaks are bigger than domesticated one, but my confusion is that most of these yak are definitely domesticated because you can clearly see that there is human intervention. For example, if you look closely, some of them have leash on their neck and younger yak tails have been cut (like hair cut). 

K9TMD: @khumbuyeti Sorry, I did not make that documentary. My understanding though is that domestic yak are 2/3 the size of wild yak; is this true?

Pasang Norbu: I don't see any different between domesticated yak and wild yak. Why do you think they are wild yak. The younger Yak tails are chop by people. This is what I used to do to my Yaks.