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Certainly one of my personal favorite restaurants to dine at after i visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park may be the Yak & Yeti. I’m a creature of habit with regards to restaurants. Basically find something I love, I am inclined to carry on back for additional.

There are plenty of other wonderful eateries at Animal Kingdom, however i always appear to locate myself making reservations or popping set for an unplanned meal at Yak & Yeti. This really is partially because of my preference for table-service dining over counter-service. At Animal Kingdom, that distinction narrows the options lower to 2 restaurants. I am not counting the Tusker House since technically you serve yourself from the buffet there. Even though I actually do benefit from the Rainforest Café a great deal, it may be time intensive just to walk back and forth from the doorway from the park for any meal especially during Peak seasons once the park is much more crowded.

I planned my newest trip to the Yeti well ahead of time when i was ironing the information on my recent visit to Wally Walt Disney World. After I made the decision which days I’d be visiting certain parks, I had been on the telephone with Disney Dining shortly after that making my Yak & Yeti reservation on Animal Kingdom day. I have not were built with a problem securing a reservation in my preferred meal time here. Actually, I have not had dinner at Yak & Yeti. Our meals happen to be during lunch hrs.

I’ve been frequenting center because it opened up, but initially when i first learned about its’ construction I had been a little skeptical concerning the location. Yak & Yeti is situated just over the bridge while you enter Asia from Discovery Island.

Bridge into Asia

Naturally as it is Yeti-themed center will have to use Asia. Close closeness towards the attraction housing its’ namesake, abominable snowman also made sense. Adding Yak & Yeti also satisfied the requirement for another full-service restaurant in Animal Kingdom. To be the only restaurant on the bottom from the park likewise helps to disperse traffic in the other eateries.

I still wondered when the keeping a cafe or restaurant between several live-animal based attractions and exhibits would diminish a few of the mystique surrounding them. Because the several weeks passed and the outside of your building started to consider shape, I had been well informed that the place across the street from Flights of Question wasn’t totally unnatural. I’m something of the purist with regards to my passion for the Disney parks, so I am inclined to over-evaluate every little change. As you can tell within the photos below, your building matches perfectly.

Yak & Yeti Exterior

Consistent with its continental surroundings, Yak & Yeti is fittingly Asian-themed. The very first time I saw within center, I felt as though I’d walked right into a tavern within the Himalaya Mountain tops.

Yak & Yeti Waiting Area

Yeti Guarding the Lobby

Yak & Yeti Entrance

Yak & Yeti Looking toward Exit

You might get the sensation you’re being viewed. -)

Yak & Yeti Lobby Statue

There is a full-bar for weary travelers wanting to just stay in for refreshment using their hike. The furniture here’s wealthy with detail. Spot the elaborate armrests from the barstools.

Yak & Yeti Bar

Yak & Yeti Bar

Seating is split between two levels, with assorted museum quality artifacts likening the décor to what shrine. It appears as though the villagers have collected their loved ones heirlooms with the hope of giving reverence towards the Yeti inhabiting nearby Everest Mountain. Go for a walk round the restaurant after or before your meals and appearance-out their amazing assortment of relics.

The primary dining area close to the entrance is decorated just like a temple. Other parts of the low level have the identical vibe. They’re candle lit and also have a sedate feel. Tables are nicely spaced apart, as you can tell within the view previously mentioned.

Yak & Yeti Main Dining Room

Yak & Yeti Main Dining Room

Yak & Yeti Main Dining Room

Yak & Yeti First Floor Dining Room

Yak & Yeti Lower Level Dining

Yak & Yeti First Floor Dining Room

Yak & Yeti Statue Greeting Diners

You’ll be able to melt away a part of your calorie intake here simply by trekking the staircase back and forth from top of the level.

Yak & Yeti Staircase

Yak & Yeti Stairs

A lift can be obtained for individuals not wishing to have an aerobic workout like a preface for their meal. The elevator area is decorated with awesome memorabilia and trinkets.

Yak and Yeti HallwayTo Elevator

The seating areas upstairs are better and much more festive. Each room is distinctively colored. Could this be synonymous with something?

Yak and Yeti Upstairs Dining Blue

Yak and Yeti Upstairs Dining Gold

Yak and Yeti Upstairs Dining Green

Yak and Yeti Art

In case your party happen to be sitting down upstairs, I suggest requesting a table through the home windows. They provide great views of Anandapur.

Yak and Yeti Upstairs Dining Near Windows

In my opinion, service here happens to be good. I’ve discovered the Servers to become mindful, friendly, capable to answer any queries I’ve had concerning the menu. Out of the box the situation with many restaurants on-property, they’ll determine in case your party is around the Disney Dining Plan upon introduction. While they don’t presently accept the Tables in Wonderland card, Annual Passholder discounts can be found.

Whenever I dine at certainly one of my personal favorite Wally Walt Disney World restaurants, I attempt to buy a minumum of one item which i haven’t had before. I am inclined to be much more adventurous within my restaurant dining after i be aware of outcome rests at the disposal of Disney Chefs. This practice has offered me fairly well so far, with simply a couple of misfires. Yak & Yeti isn’t Disney-owned. Landry’s restaurants buy and operate the Yak & Yeti, Rainforest Café, and T-Rex (found at Downtown Disney).

Consistent with this mantra I attempted something old then one new about this visit. My meal started having a favorite, the Won-Ton soup ($4.99). It’s offered having a side of crispy, fried Won-Tons.

Yak and Yeti Won Ton Soup

In my second course I selected another favorite, the Pot Stickers ($7.99). These wrapped dumplings are full of pork and available two ways: either steamed or seared. I selected to possess mine seared. This entails cooking the outdoors from the Pot Sticker in a hot temperature which provides the surface a caramelized, crunchy texture. They are offered having a tangy soy-lime dipping sauce and sprinkled with spring onions and diced tomato plants.

Yak and Yeti Pot Stickers

The appetizer choices likewise incorporate Seared Ahi Tuna, Pork Egg Rolls, Lettuce Cups, and Wok-Fried Eco-friendly Beans (pictured below – $6.99).

Yak and Yeti Wok Fried Green Beans

After that on I had been in formerly uncharted territory. I made the decision around the Shaoxing Steak and Shrimp ($24.99) in my entrée. It had been absolutely wonderful, and could have been enough for 2 individuals to share. The skirt steak were built with a nice, char-grilled flavor and it was decoratively speared around a bed of brown or jasmine grain. Skirt steak is really a flat cut of beef famous because of its flavor. It’s also noted for being tougher than other cuts of beef. I didn’t discover that is the situation whatsoever. It had been flavorful and tender. The shrimp were skewered and tempura-battered. The chili plum dipping sauce was sweet and went perfectly using the shrimp and grain.

Yak and Yeti Shaoxing Steak Shrimp

While all the menu products will have an Asian-influence, there’s an extensive number of choices. Seared Miso Salmon, Duck with Anandapur Glaze, Lo Mein, Crispy Honey Chicken, Walnut Tamarind Chicken, and also the health-conscious Mandarin Chicken Salad (pictured below – $13.99) are only a couple of of these.

Yak and Yeti Mandarin Chicken Salad

Following this fabulous meal I had been so full I figured I will have to be transported on a gurney. In the research I still purchased dessert. I chosen the Mango Cake ($6.99), which in fact had a consistency much like pudding encased in a shortbread cookie crust. It had been completed with whipped cream and raspberry sauce. Spot the small leaves of mint that garnish the cake. I figured which was a pleasant touch. This dessert was awesome and refreshing. I saw it to be the perfect treat on the hot summer time day. As I would certainly order it again, the cream cheese filled Fried Won-Tons remain my personal favorite dessert here.

Yak and Yeti Mandarin Mango Pie

Yak & Yeti is really a triumph for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The theme is perfectly performed, with scrumptious food that meets the factors you might expect from the Wally Walt Disney World restaurant. There isn’t any over-the-top thunderstorms or meteor showers to help remind you where you are at. One consider the foreboding Yeti standing guard close to the entrance and you will feel like you’re in the foothills of the "expedition". Clean individuals plates, your adventure awaits.

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jeffo.JPG About Shaun: I am from South Central Pennsylvania, where Sometimes for any Media Publishing Company during the day. My first trip to WDW what food was in age 2, and I’ve been back around 35 occasions since that time. I frequently travel solo to WDW, in addition to with family. I make use of my Annual Pass, and trek to Orlando about 5 occasions each year to go to my personal favorite travel destination and pursue another hobby of mine – photography. My personal favorite resort may be the Polynesian, however i have remained at all the WDW resorts at least one time. Actually, my personal favorite facet of going to the Wally Walt Disney World Resort is attempting the different Resorts and Restaurants. I like sampling different foods which i would never try in your own home (for example Escargot in the France pavilion).


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