A long, toughest, bestest horse race on the planet – the mongol derby

A long, toughest, bestest horse race on the planet – the mongol derby The knowledge is definitely

This race, the longest, toughest horse race on the planet, may be the mother of equine adventures, a thousand km multi-horse race over the epic backwoods from the Mongolian steppe.  Its mammoth network of horse stations is really a entertainment of Chinggis Khaan’s, or Genghis Khan’s, legendary empire-busting postal system.

It’s just you, a Gps navigation as well as your group of horses against a 1000 kilometres of Mongolian backwoods. Certainly no marked course, no packed lunches, no shower block, no stabling. And when you lose your horse you’ll find it’s a really lengthy walk to another horse station! The only real rule from the event is that you have to change horses at each station and deliver your mounts for their destination in perfect condition.

Indeed, yet another rule, or perhaps a stipulation anyway. Since the horses are small you’re allowed just 5 kgs of essential survival kit… and anybody who weighs greater than 85 kgs when outfitted to ride is going to be instantly disqualified! Actually, The Adventurists have accepted the horses’ welfare is the first concern, don’t as it were think that they’re worried about you! All the rules which have been set up are made using the horses in your mind. You? Well… you are able to take care of yourself can’t you?!

2010 Derby is going to be run from the 7-20th August 2012, but it’s been offered out for several weeks. If you are considering it for the coming year then follow here for their form. An indication? Apply early! It’s costly, but possibly should you listen to it you’ll accept The Adventurists explanation “£5,950 of the Queen’s finest.  That quite a bit of money, but on the other hand, the Derby runs an employee well over 100 people, uses vats of leading edge technical equipment, and imports enough veterinary and medical supplies to sink a little battleship.  It’s no cheap undertaking.”

The knowledge is definitely worth every cent.


A long, toughest, bestest horse race on the planet – the mongol derby costly, but possiblyResourse: http://xtremesport4u.com/extreme-land-sports/the-longest-toughest-bestest-horse-race-in-the-world-the-mongol-derby/

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