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Although it’s only May, many areas happen to be experiencing record-breaking heat, with temperatures within the three digits. Thinking of doing what’s perfect for their dogs, many proprietors think that shaving their lengthy haired breeds enable them to deal with heat, in the same manner that people shed layers because the temperature increases. But, this myth may really make your pet MORE uncomfortable.

Their Coat isn’t YOUR Coat

Whenever we get hot, we shed layers. That’s because we put on clothes – an “unnatural” covering over our very own hair and skin. You never know, if Adam and Eve hadn’t began to cloth themselves, we can be a lot hairy than we’re today. Rather, we put on clothes based on the temperature outdoors to assist us stay warm or awesome.

Because we shed our jackets because the weather changes, we frequently assume our dogs must wish to shed their too. However, we forget two essential points:

  • Your dog already experiences a blowing (shedding) from the coat because the weather warms
  • Their coat Isn’t designed to appear completely

Regardless, from the temperature, your dog should really possess the coat he’s – be it lengthy, short, wire, or something like that among. His body making up is built to opt for the coat he’s – because of nature.

The very best coat of the dog functions like a natural A/C in addition to a protection against his atmosphere

Nature’s Air Conditioning

Resistant to the myth, that lengthy coat really HELPS your pet stay awesome. Early in the year, lengthy haired breeds (like my Shetland sheepdogs) blow their undercoat. The dog owner remains having a skinny, sometimes scraggly searching dog with simply the rough top coat left. This area of the coat works as insulation From the heat and also the lengthy hairs permit air flow.

Shaving a lengthy haired breed can Really CAUSE HEAT STROKE.


What their coat DOES share with this own jackets, is they are generally exist for safeguard your skin from things within the atmosphere that may harm them.

A dog’s coat protects her from:

  • Other animals’ scratches and bites
  • Branches, thorns, brambles, etc.
  • Sunburn
  • Rubbing from collar and leash (just consider a short haired dog to determine what these may do, they often possess a bald place, or more)

When It’s Necessary

Clearly, you will find occasions whenever a coat is not taken proper care of also it becomes scores of mats. At that time, there’s no air flow, even though your dog continues to be protected against the sun’s rays along with other harms, the mats are posing bigger threats for example mold, maggots, locations, and hosts of other parasites and illnesses. Additionally, the mats restrict the ventilation, negating natural air conditioning.

At this time, your dog ought to be shaved, for his health.

So unless of course your pet is matted to the stage a veterinarian states it must go for your health, you shouldn’t shave your lengthy haired dog! Keep in mind, their coat isn’t your coat. And, if little else sways you, be cautioned: a shaved coat NEVER comes back as nice. Whenever you shave your legs or face, the incoming locks are bristly and rough—the same factor may happen for your dog. I understand an Aussie that will get shaved and that he feels and looks just like a Brillo pad.

About the writer

Located in Tustin, Calif., animal lover Kristina N. Lotz is really a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Understanding Assessed (CPDT-KA) and functions as a full-time trainer. She also owns her very own custom pet products company, A Fairytail House, where she makes personalized collars, leashes, beds, keepsake pillows and blankets, and other things your imagine can come up with. In her own free time, she trains and competes in herding, agility, behavior training, rally, and conformation together with her Shetland Sheepdogs.


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Irene Suhwon: Lol "the wiener lives here"

007majorgonzo: maybe inch of hair my dog but is like 100 degres in sacramento gonna get worse should cut hair????

007majorgonzo: this hair cutting wont make a dog randomly attack owner one day???

DHamilton Sherman: GOOD for you, for remembering to include a comment about making sure the clippers are COOL enough!  I just watched a professional, who did not remember to issue that warning.

ellekrock: Some dogs that are double coated and have long hair can get really bad mats to the point that they have to be shaved all the way past half an inch. It's not something you want to have to do, but it does happen. If that does happen, please wash them with shampoo and conditioner once a month. Brush them once a week with a deshedding blade to help unclog the pores too. I'm posting this to educate people before they shave their double coated puppy. Shortening a double coat will not stop them from shedding. There are wonderful deshedding shampoos out there. You can also buy a blow dryer for a dog online that can also help deshed their dog after a bath.

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June Toons: I bathe my poms every 2 weeks and brush them twice a day. they are NEVER matted always have wonderful long soft coats and barely ever shed.

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