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Earlier this June, I attended the Dalton Days Classic Gunfights event in Meade, Kansas, and met two re-enactors from Arkansas.

They explained the mind honcho at Fort Cruz keeps insisting to volunteers like them that “hippie- style hairdos” weren’t worn in Judge Parker’s day (that old West). While it is true a pattern toward shorter hair emerged following the Civil War, there have been lots of exceptions. Just consider the Old West icons featured here.

What appears they are driving this contemporary-day prejudice states much more about the 1960s compared to 1860s. Within the “Swing–ing Sixties,” once the so-known as counterculture rebelled from the World war 2 picture of “shave tail” man-hood, hippies reverted (key phrase) towards the lengthy hair and hair on your face of the grandfathers. Even though the change upset lots of fathers, lengthy hair wasn’t new at all.

In classic Westerns, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers and John Wayne had short hair. Only Gabby Hayes or any other goofy sidekicks used their head of hair lengthy. However the Seniors were aping styles in the real Old West, and not the reel version. The photos prove it, but, greater than a couple of historians in the World war 2 generation still hang on to the notion that a guy with lengthy locks are not authentic and, by extension, in some way effeminate. Let’s see, that will include girly-men for example Package Carson, Custer, Billy the little one, Wild Bill Hickok and Lengthy-Haired Jim Courtright, as well as Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Geronimo.

When studying old photos, I observe that hair length evolves to shorter hair (and the other way around), with beards and mustaches styled up, lower and around. Following the Civil War, it seems youthful firebrands for example Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday used their head of hair short to upset their Civil War elders. Which, if true, will make it the polar complete opposite of the World war 2 aftermath.

The beardless, short-haired look that dominated the twentieth century is definitely an anomaly to the remainder of history. That some historians cannot check this out truth is absurd, making me question their other conclusions and observations.

Lengthy live lengthy hair, and lengthy may it wave!

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"we deal in lead" shooting the guns of the old west.


Scott F.: I love seeing the good ole guns but cleaning is another story…

BATJAC J.W: +Scott F. Black powder is rough but basic smokeless easy.

DEATH 666: BATJAC J.W I see that you shoot with your left hand

Machine Gun Kelly X: You make me want to watch some of the Duke's movies tonight.

BATJAC J.W: +Machine Gun Kelley lol always a good night to watch the duke.

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DEATH 666: when he said he had a toy lever action rifle that ejected plastic shells there was a store in Newquay Cornwall UK it stud across the street from my favourite baking shop I wandered if that shop still sells things like that

Arizona Ghostriders: Awesome fun at the range!

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