Mom’s yak – emotional eats

I am certain it’d another name – something appealing and descriptive. Green spinach Parmesan Dip is one thing I’ve heard muttered by newcomers towards the family table.  If you’re within the group of friends though, long as Yak.

The name originated from my Father who – to place it gently – is under wild about vegetables. A long time ago when my mother first managed to get, he first viewed it located on a table of appetizers and stated “What is that this? Yak?” Therefore the name stuck, even though he still hasn’t touched the stuff, average folks like it.

It’s a dip, ideal for pita chips, veggies, bread, or perhaps a finger or spoon. It’s creamy, it’s delightfully green spinach-y. It’s warm and cheesy! It’s outrageous. Need I continue?

It jogs my memory of home, of buddies, of family. It jogs my memory of holidays spent with family members and neighbors, it jogs my memory of my mother, of why I enjoy prepare. It’s that certain dish that may gather people immediately. When my mother pulls it from the oven everyone else starts to circle (minus my father obviously. He’s lurking somewhere without anyone’s knowledge trembling his mind.)

It’s easy but it’s special. I really hope you’ll have and put around you the folks you like.


Ends up this dip is…on the wealthy side… to place it gently. I’ve been eating it for 26 years, can’t stop me now!

Get the ingredients out (full list below, obviously.)


Heat a tablespoonish of butter in a sauté pan. Incorperate your onions and prepare over low heat until linked with emotions . become translucent, about 5 – 7 minutes. Incorperate your garlic clove and prepare for an additional 1 – 2 minutes. Switch off heat.


Put green spinach, mayo, cream cheese, shredded parmesan, sautéed onions and garlic clove, pepper and salt inside a bowl.




Pour right into a buttered baking dish of your liking. My mother likes that one and that i like my mother.


Top with freshly grated parm along with a sprinkling of paprika. Devote a 350° F oven and bake for 25 minutes until bubbly.


Serve immediately and obtain your share rapidly. If your property is like mine, filled with Yak poachers, it’ll go away immediately. Better make two.


EMOTIONAL EATING | Tomska and Kati Morton


Susannah Keohane: I would love to have Kati as a therapist 😍

Emily Young: I feel you. Out of the three therapists I've had I only liked one for like a month and then I didn't like her either lol.

littlemissoptimism: Susannah Keohane I was thinking this!

NotDeadJustYet: you ARE helping a lot, Tom! and you're brave for sharing with us! thank you!

Recovery Flower: I'm such an emotional eater ughhhhhhh and I have no hunger cues anymore. Going out to dinner is so hard bc I never know how much I'm supposed to eat. I love this video so much you both are amazing

Debbie: Recovery Flower – check out

ChiaraVideos: Same :-/ I just eat to eat I can't tell if I'm even hungry or not. I'm always self conscious people think I am eating like a pig or that I'm somehow not being socially acceptable while I eat. I feel more relaxed when I can eat alone but I still get anxious and ashamed for what I'm doing

Kay Poon: Tom is so courageous and genuine with everything he's said about his mental health which surely helps people who struggle with similar issues, even if it's just making someone feel understood ❤️ and Kati is awesome as always :)

Mackenzi Hobbs: my dad is emotionally abusive and I've been bullied since 3rd grade, which has caused depression, anxiety, and PTSD, I've emotionally eaten before because I thought self harm wasn't enough, I've been getting help at school for the bullying and I've been clean for a week now. yay!

EndGame: Great stuff! Good on you!