New house of cyberbullying? yik yak gossip application will take off in high schools –

Several years ago, senior high school kids authored nasty reasons for one another on lockers and toilet walls. Now, the gossip has moved online – a lot of it to Yik Yak, a smartphone application that’s been banned by a number of high schools. 

Like Secret and Whisper, Yik Yak lets people publish anonymous messages online, that are seen by other users inside a set radius. Technically, the android and ios application is restricted to individuals 17 many older, but it’s still well-liked by senior high school kids. (University students like it too).

This is a small, relatively tame sample of the items users are posting:


It will get way, far more profane than that. However the greatest issue is when students on-site visit one another by name.  New You are able to Magazine lately highlighted the chaos caused at Staples Senior High School in Westport, Connecticut, when students began speaking trash about one another. Kids were known as “slut” and “fag.” One individual authored, “How lengthy will we save time before A. B. kills herself?” (Names were altered to safeguard students within the story).

It’s not only insults which are being passed around. Earlier this year in San Clemente, California, a high school was shut lower after an anonymous explosive device threat was published on Yik Yak. But cyberbullying may be the primary concern, causing schools across the nation, like Staples and Lake Forest Senior High School, located near Chicago, to stop utilisation of the application on campus.

This isn’t the very first time students have dissed one another online. This past year,, which lets anonymous users publish and respond to questions, was extremely popular. U.K. Pm David Cameron requested Britons to boycott it after it had been linked to several teen suicides. Before that, sites like Formspring and Stickygossip were criticized for supplying a forum for cyberbullying.

Earlier this year, Brooks Buffington and Tyler Droll, the 23-year-old Atlanta-based entrepreneurs who launched Yik Yak in December, stated they’d take measures that will effectively ban 85 % from the senior high school and junior high school students who’re presently while using free application.

They plan to achieve this by "geo-fencing" — blocking individuals who attempt to connect to the application inside a certain geographic area, within this situation, school campuses. Obviously, there’s absolutely nothing to stop kids from pretending they’re older than 17 after which being able to access Yik Yak when school has gone out. 

Even when Yik Yak is banned, there’s no be certain that another thing will not arrive and be the brand new hot place for top school gossip. Apps appear and disappear. Teenage drama, however, appears to become eternal.

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