Scottish highland cattle and crosses


Individuals are frequently skiddish of mix breeding their purebred animals,but listed here are a summary of explanations why

we and many more are embracing hybrid or crossbreed cattle .Most the traits here are hereditory.

Highlands are excellant Moms,unassisted births would be the norm.Because of the Highlands wide pelvis.These types of

the slim build,and medium bone structure from the calf.Weights fall in the plethora of 50-75 pounds. Caesareans and prolapse

are rare within this breed.Noted furthermore their high fertility,and consistant calving.Their milk has elevated levels of butterfat,which enables

the calves nice putting on weight..

Highland cows average weight is between 1000-1200 pounds and may calve all twenty years. The Bulls are

aggressive herd breeders. Their bodys are lengthy,their legs are short,rendering hoof and leg problems minimal at the best.Their

teeth are abnormally durable,fighting off the put on and decay present in most cattle.

Cancer,pink eye,sun burnt udders are nearly unknow.Bloat is very rare which breed is freed from genetic dwarfism. The

large horns are certainly a preditor deterrent,once the calves are threatened,the cows will circle the calves in to the middle

and face the threat,face on,horns pointing outward. Very few threats will withstand their formitable frontal stance.

Adding a Highland bull for your farm,eliminates calving issues with out decrease in weaning weights. Increases

your calf survival, Strong,healthy growing calves which will outwinter simpler and cheaper then every other cattle breed.

Highland genetics could be of effective value towards the farm/rancher/ producer that wishes a top quality mix breed herd.

You can now understand why a lot of are selecting the Highlands for his or her breeding and mix breeding programs!

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