The best journey: the mongol rally

Cool-EarthEach team is given the job of raising no less than 500 Pounds or 750$ USD for Cool Earth, the state Mongol Rally charitable organization centered on saving the Amazon . com, and the other the least £500 to some charitable organization of the choice.

Our charitable organization of preference, Set Her Free, is really a non-profit organization that’s trying to restore the lives of youthful women formerly enslaved in sex trades. Unquestionably the harshest and many abominable types of child labor in Uganda.


Because of your donations so far we’ve elevated 811$ USD.

However we’re still looking for support as to achieve our ultimate objective of 5000$ USD.

When we achieve this goal, the cash will have the possibility support 4 youthful Ugandan women for 12 months and save 20 acres of rainforest.

Please click the link below to give towards the Drama Of Llama’s Charitable organization Fund.


Visas, the vehicle, fuel, insurance, and food all accumulate. If you’re able to spare any cash for gasoline which help us reach Mongolia therefore we can donate our vehicle, we’d greatly be thankful. Plus we’ll provide you with a sweet video shout from an arbitrary Central Asian country too!

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Driving into the Unknown: Mongol Rally Adventure Documentary – Return of the Yak


Pavan Sawhney: This is amazing! By far the best Mongol Rally documentary ever made! Absolutely well bloody done!!!!!!! Worth the wait!!!!

Pavan Sawhney: Indeed I did! Thanks 🙂 we are planning to go again in 2016!!! You guys should go again!

The Yak Collective: It would be a lot of fun to take part again. So many good option out there.

OwNLaM: Quality documentary guys! Emotional roller coaster! So relived to see Anthony made a full recovery after his accident! \n\nWhat's next!? 😀 

The Yak Collective: We will shortly be heading to the High Atlas mountain range in Morocco so keep your eyes peeled for some African videos in the near future.

The Yak Collective: Numerous people have been asking where they can find the music used in the documentary. \n\nAs it happens, Flex who does a fantastic job with the narration is also the lead singer of Laid Blak who very kindly let us use their tunes.\n\nHere's a nifty playlist with many of their classics –\n\nHere is a behind the scenes video we shot with Flex as we recorded the narration down in Bristol

The Adventurists: Great video guys, a story well told.

Russell Gowers: Truly epic work lads. Enjoyed every moment of it.

noah campeau: Amazing

The Yak Collective: Glad you enjoyed it Noah! Thanks again for spinning that great selection of tunes for the fundraiser at Dojos.