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The raid is easily the most significant since This summer 1995, when several Tibetan nationalists stole a gift basket.

Striking using their secret base behind a tree, the seven non-violent freedom fighters could lay their hands upon the yak and seize it, shouting, "We hereby seize this yak in the specific oppressed people from the Buddhist Republic of Tibet!" Then they defiantly roped the yak for their tree/base, where it apparently ate some grass.

Regardless of the freedom fighters’ success, the audience met with strong resistance in early stages within the raid. "The yak dug its hooves in to the ground briefly before it might budge," stated group member Dar Rhamsala. "As it were, I feared china would prevail all over again.Inch

"Permit this to Freedom Yak shine like a beacon of justice to any or all yaks and non-yak peoples alike," Rhamsala added. "We take this yak in defiance from the Chinese war machine. Permit this to yak suffer the boot of oppression forget about!Inch

Emboldened by their success, the liberty fighters came back several hrs later to "close offInch a complete six-feet square area surrounding the yak having a stick-attracted line within the dirt.

Based on witnesses, the Tibetan resistance leaders’ victory was momentarily put into risk once the yak chewed through its rope and started to wander away. "Fortunately," stated freedom fighter Rama Parlhasarian, "using passive, non-violent pulling techniques we could drag it to its place within several hrs."

Official Chinese response to the raid was subdued. "Yak? What exactly are you speaking about?" Chinese president Jiang Zemin stated, speaking via messenger from his walled fortress in Beijing. "Whatever."

News from the incident soon arrived at the Dalai Lama. "Let love flow using your soul just like a gentle river. Tendency to slack directly into hate," stated the Tibetan spiritual leader-in-exile, inside a statement towards the yak.

Within 24 hrs from the yak seizure, a large number of small Tibetan villages were burned down by Chinese tank battalions. Within the capital of Lhasa, 49 everyone was performed by Chinese intelligence. Furthermore, helicopter brigades roamed the Tibetan countryside, shooting Tibetan activists.

The string of brutal attacks, however, didn’t have link with the yak incident. "Which was a coincidence," Chinese army general Li Zhouang stated. "We all do the second Tuesday of each and every month."

Tibetan sympathizers happen to be quick to praise the heroic freedom fighters. Actor Richard Gere, speaking from atop the yak, stated, "These courageous individuals have proven that non-violent resistance can be done inside a world torn by cruelty and war."

The yak is scheduled to become traveled to San antonio Friday with this weekend’s Concert For Any Free Tibet, where it’ll perform songs with Bjork and also the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch.

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