Tibetan yak colors

Tibetan Yak Colors

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Royal yak cow and calf Spring Brook Ranch

Royal Yak

Piebald colored yaks have a full copy from the white-colored gene. Most Royal Yak are extremely plain to look at with little made of woll and lengthy horsy heads. We’ve been focusing on improving Royal Yaks for quite some time and possess some exemplary females within the herd. In ’09 we bred Trim Yak Bull M049 Chewbacca to the Royal cows, from that people stored a very wooly heifer along with a promising bull calf for the foundation herd. High Prairie Yaks required three Chewbacca Royal heifers.

black yak bull P062 Spring Brook Ranch

Native Black Yak or simply Black Yak

Wild yaks are homozygous for this color, black having a grey muzzle. It is indeed my thought that other yak colors originate from cattle DNA. A current USDA yak genome study may reveal this. The woolliest yaks are Blacks and so far as we are able to tell the woolliest yaks in The United States trace back to some group in the Toronto Zoo which was spread, with a few reaching the united states. Queen Allante comes from this line. At Spring Brook Ranch we use Blacks to reproduce made of woll into other colored yaks.

There’s two hair types on Blacks kinky and smooth. The kinky style readily felts and it is hard to groom, it tends toward a bronze color. Smooth has less crimp, is glossy black and it is less vulnerable to matting.

Based on the reference book, The Yak, there’s a small phenotype in China known as the "lengthy-hair-brow yak". I still find it this genetic base that we’re taking out when selectively breeding for extreme made of woll.

Imperial yak heifer 907 Spring Brook Ranch

Imperial Yak

Imperial yaks are black, such as the muzzle. Many Imperials possess a smooth coat glossy black and fewer vulnerable to matting. Imperials also generally have black tongues.

The yak heifer within the picture right is showing exceptional made of woll in a youthful age. An indication that people consider when searching for yak calves is a lot of made of woll around the legs, especially lower low. If you cannot see their hooves they will most likely remain really wooly when mature.

trim yak bull calf Spring Brook Ranch

Black Trim Yak

A mix from a Black along with a Royal, a Black and Black Trim or more Black Trims. Black Trim yaks show white-colored to some degree around the brow, hind ft and/or tail. Some trims show very little visible white-colored apart from a couple of hairs. A Black bull on the Royal cow will produce 50% Black calves and 50% Black Trim calves. A Trim bull on the Royal cow will produce 50% Trims and 50% Royals.

imperial yak cow and calf Spring Brook Ranch

Imperial Trim Yak

A mix between an Imperial along with a Royal or more Imperial Trims. Like Black Trims they are able to show white-colored around the brow, hind ft and/or tail. Additionally they may also possess a white-colored streak around the muzzle such as this yak cow shows. Observe that her calf is definitely an Imperial like his sire.

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