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Wild yak videos, photos and details - bos mutus scarcity from the

Well adapted for existence in cold and harsh conditions, nature yak is protected against the cold by its thick coat and occasional quantity of sweat glands, that really help to save body heat. It features a large lung capacity especially small , numerous red bloodstream cells, enabling it to obtain the most oxygen possible in the thin, mountain air. Thinking about its bulk, nature yak is rather nimble because it moves around on snowy rocks, grazing on grasses, herbs and lichens, and eating snow and ice as an origin of water. It feeds mostly each morning and evening, and can travel lengthy distances because of the scarcity from the plant life. With the much protection against cold temperature, nature yak is extremely responsive to heat and moves seasonally to prevent greater temperatures. It may withstand strong winds and snowstorms for hrs, but might bathe in ponds and streams once the temperatures are extremely low (4).

Wild yaks have a tendency to collect, particularly the females and youthful, developing herds of usually 10 to 30 creatures, but herds as much as 200 will also be found. Herds don’t have any fixed people and could join together, or split up into smaller sized herds. Females achieve sexual maturity at 3 to 4 years, although full-sized isn’t arrived at until 6 to 8 years. Mating happens in September and single calves are born from April to June, following a pregnancy of 260 days. The youthful are weaned prior to being baby, but females won’t give birth again for an additional year. Wild yaks can live for approximately 23 years (4).

Resourse: http://arkive.org/wild-yak/bos-mutus/

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