With 60% fall in population, dwindling yak count worries ladakh

With 60% fall in population, dwindling yak count worries Ladakh

Arteev Sharma

Tribune News Service

Jammu, August 24

World&rsquos greatest lived on plateau, Ladakh, in J&K is anxious within the dwindling quantity of its multi-utility animal — yak — like a drastic fall of nearly 60 percent in the population continues to be recorded within the arid region previously 50 years.

Inside a wake-up call to handle the situation effectively, the Ladakh administration has made the decision to bring frozen semen from National Research Center (NRC) on Yak in Arunachal Pradesh for mix-breeding and increasing the genetic performance from the yak in the local level.

Official sources told The Tribune the yak population had come lower by greater than 60 percent since 1960. “In Ladakh, comprising Kargil and Leh districts, there’s been an extreme reduction in the populace. In Leh, there have been around 44,000 pure yaks in 1960 however this number came lower to 18,877 this year. It had been about 13,000 in 2007,” a resource stated.

Similarly, Kargil district has additionally recorded an identical fall through the years where it’s between 22,000 and 25,000 at the moment.

“Yak is recognized as the lifeline of Ladakh since it is a multi-utility animal. In addition to the yellow-coloured milk and it is products, including butter and cheese, which have a superior commercial value on the market, the yak is really a wealthy supply of made of woll, meat and fibre. Besides, the bull yak can be used for ploughing so that as a lot-carrier by maqui berry farmers,” Dr Fida Hussain, Chief Animal Husbandry Officer (CAHO), Leh stated.

“Since 1960, there’s been a continuing fall within the yak population that is a worrying sign for all of us once we could securely state that yak may be the primary earnings source in Ladakh because of its multi-utility,” he stated, adding “We are actually seriously focusing on a yak conservation project. A group from the NRC in Arunachal Pradesh had lately visited so we too happen to be towards the NRC with this project. We now have made the decision to create yak semen in the NRC for mix-breeding and improvement of genetic performance.”

The officer stated the mix-breeding wouldn’t only boost the milk production but additionally enhance the built of the adult yak, therefore enhancing the local populace in making use of your pet for ploughing so that as a lot-carrier.

To some query, he stated they’d began to bring back two yak cheese plants in Leh that have been closed because of lack of manpower along with other intricacies. “We have made the decision to restart these plants the following month,” he stated.

Conservation project

The Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC), Leh, which governs Leh district politically, have been focusing on a mega project to create scrumptious cheese produced from milk of yaks for people from other countries going to the region each year. It’s also made the decision to transmit a higher-level team, comprising executive councillors and veterinary doctors towards the Netherlands with an indepth understanding concerning the project as well as an interaction with experts there. Dr Mohammad Iqbal, Chief Animal Husbandry Officer, Kargil, stated they’d posted a task well over Rs 5 crore towards the Government asia for yak conservation. “The yak population originates lower drastically through the years which is around 25,000, including hybrid yaks in Kargil district. We’ve adopted the problem using the department concerned in New Delhi that has requested to route the proposal with the condition government for discharge of funds.”

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