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General play style

The Yak-1 is a great turn fighter. Though not just like Spitfires round the BR, its much better than a few of the German aircraft. It’s good energy retention and good dive speed, but without slats, it can’t out-turn a 109 F inside a vertical loop. This aircraft performs best at medium-low altitudes it’s not a higher altitude fighter. Because of its small wings, poor rate of climb at greater altitudes. The aircraft may be used in horizontal loops, but be cautious to look for boom-and-zoomers. When the situation will get bad, the exit is thru our prime low-level top speed, or energy-retaining climb. This aircraft shouldn’t be wasted on ground attack, although when the last opponent is running away, it may destroy unarmored targets. The aircraft are capable of doing well at lower speeds, but it’s most vulnerable such as this so avoid low speeds if at all possible.

Used well, the Yak-1 is definitely an unstoppable flying machine. Probably the most essential things would be that the plane should strive for the opponent’s cockpit or wings. Fundamental essentials weak spots in which a good shot can knock the enemy pilot out or discontinue a wing in a couple of shots. The cannon comes with an excellent rate of fireside as well as an sufficient storage of ammunition thus which makes it a great weapon. However, bear in mind the ammunition as ammunition belts are much shorter than most would think when its getting used up. The existence of two 7.62 ShKAS machine guns also supplying a great rate of fireside function as an sufficient back-up guns for that Yak-1, but always bear in mind just how much ammunition remains within the Yak-1 to avert being pounced on by more maneuverable opponents.

Some deficiencies to bother with around the Yak-1 is it lacks armor. If inside a mind-on attack and also the enemy will get a go to your water radiator, the Yak-1 are affected engine failure inside a couple of minutes in RB mode. The engine, associated with pension transfer Russian engines, overheats rapidly and stays running hot, requiring that important air conditioning. When the Yak-1 is broken, check its internal components via searching in the oil gauge (make reference to instrument panel image above), and not the temperature of water because the water gauge could be misleading.

Specific opponents important to note

  • Spitfires: The Spitfire’s turning ability can provide it an advantage within the Yak-1’s maneuverability. Simply jump on its tail and skyrocket, using the Yak-1 not able to flee when the Spitfire is traveled properly.
  • A6M Zeroes: Same reason because the Spitfires, though adding 20 mm auto cannons give these planes a greater firepower boost from the Yak-1.


The Yak-1 ought to be employed only like a fighter in-game instead of every other roles. Leave ground forces to more dedicated aircraft and concentrate on enemy planes using the Yak-1’s maneuverability and armament. As stated, it’s a good turn fighter against most opponents. The Yak-1 also needs to remain in lower altitudes because it has poor high-altitude characteristics.

Fighting the Yak-1

The Yak-1 has terrible performance in high-altitude areas, thus they’re susceptible to Boom & Zoom attacks by better quality aircraft. They are also poor in armor so aircraft with machine gun armaments, having a couple of solid shots, may take proper care of a Yak-1 having a couple of bursts. Ideal planes to battle within the Yak-1 would be the Spitfire in the British and A6M "Zero" series from Japan, which could remain on the Yak-1’s tail and pepper away with machine guns before the Yak-1 is lower. Every other plane should depend on B&Z tactics to consider lower the Yak-1.

If located on the receiving finish from the Yak-1’s cannon, do not allow it to obtain a good aim. The 20 mm armament, though effective, includes a rather subpar precision and occasional ammunition storage. As a result, allow the Yak-1 expend its ammunition looking to get you and also it might soon go out. Once that occurs, it’s vulnerable for just about any allies or the gamer to get a maximum give the Yak-1 plane.

Benefits and drawbacks from the plane


  • Effective primary armament with enough ammunition
  • Good low-level acceleration
  • Good top speed at low altitudes
  • Despite the fact that its frame is wood, the Yak may take lots of punishment but still succeed
  • Highly maneuverable


  • Engine overheats very easily, forcing the pilot to slow lower or go back to base to let it awesome (engine is well known for overheating and ceasing to operate in mid-dogfight)
  • And not the most armored plane, almost condemned if focused on fire
  • Ammunition expires rapidly otherwise carefully monitored (in AB, reloading at each chance is suggested)
  • Single effective gun requires good aim and understanding of aircraft weak spots for use effectively (no "spray and pray")



Primary armament

  • 1x 20mm ShVAK cannon within the nose, 110 models



Resourse: http://wiki.warthunder.com/

War Thunder – Yak-1 Uptiered in Arcade


Jengar: hey long5hot, nice showcase of why this plane is undertiered at the moment. It is true of course that a skilled pilot can take quiet a few planes trough more then a full br higher and still do well, but this plane is indeed one of those that has a way too low br atm. I recognize them greedy moments, when you dove on them four enemies alone, i have them too sometimes. It's always the moment you die, when you leave your discipline and common sense behind 😉 I have so much respect watching interviews and footage of ww2 aces, them guys really had iron will and discipline. If they would get shot the consequences had a high chance of being deadly. We're just playing a game of course, but it gives you a sense on how good they were :)

Drunk Troll: Rewatching this "tute" mate. Please if u can go back to when you made videos on planes u like for fun please make more.\nThanks again for your time.\nAll the best hopefully see you in the skies.

KetchupWarthog: Great flying as always, but above all superb situational awareness. At around 10.35 if I was you I would have doved straight in and got myself killed. Really enjoyable watching you club planes even in uptierred battles!

Troy Johnson: Love the Yak-1 ! Nice job there professor!

Troy Johnson: : )   Good Times…Good Times…

RED SOVIET: +long5hot \nCoincidence?

MachiavelliReborn: Oh yeah, stroke the yak rudder longshot you dirty Aussie!

Schpankme Verimuch: I like seeing the reaction of those attacking "Uptiered Planes", they fly like their invincible.

Nicolò Glavina: Thanks for your video! At the end if the video you died practically in the same way I did in the first "analyze these" series. With a yak 9 on my tail!\nWhat do you think about the fact that with my planes ( Bf 109 G-6, Fw 190 A-5/U2 for example) I go against Mig 9's ? I really want a jet, what about you?

Derek Moore: Yeah the only reason I'm going up is for the k4 but the G6 sucks and already don't like playing in higher tiers. I don't do poorly I just get far less kills and it feels like players just take it far to serious beyond 6.0