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yak like a animal of burden

The yak is extremely perfect for the ultimate cold temperature from the highlands: it must layers of hair – short, thick, matted inner hair, with lengthy, shaggy outer hair it creates a type of sticky substance from the sweat glands which will keep the interior hair matted and warm the sweat glands are couple of in number and also the lung and heart are large, and the entire body cells are made to retain more oxygen!

There are just a couple of herds of untamed yak based in the remote areas of the mountain rages.  Some animal experts have been in the opinion the yak we have seen within the zoos are mainly the big size ‘domesticated yak’!

milking a yak

A yak is also referred to as a ‘granting ox’ because of its practice of making grunting noises frequently.

Nature yak have been hunted a lot for his or her meat, skins and hair, the population have been reduced to really low figures until laws and regulations were passed against hunting them.

The domestic yak continues to be bred because of its milk, meat, hair and skin.  The are also utilized as monsters of burden (pack creatures) – for transporting goods and individuals, as well as for ploughing the fields! Yak’s milk (dri’s milk) is proven to be pink in colour however, some professionals state that the pink colouration is located only at the beginning of suckling once the female gives birth to some calf and as time passes, the milk turns to normalcy white-colored colour because it is exactly the same using the hippopotamus.

(yak hair)

The native Nepalese and Tibetans utilize every area of the yak: tails utilized as hands fans, and hair converted to ropes, rugs, etc skin/hide is created into footwear, bags, as well as in making coracle-like motorboats the sticky substance within their sweat can be used within the folk medicine!

Yak racing is a type of entertainment cum ritual at traditional Tibetan festivals and much more lately, ‘yak polo’ and ‘yak skiing’ have grown to be a well known ‘tourist attraction’ activities!

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