Yak player praises boy to save his existence after one attacks

Yak player praises boy to save his existence after one attacks earliest could

BUCKINGHAM Co., Veterans administration. (WSET) — A player in Buckingham County may not be alive today whether it were not for his kids.

He was attacked by certainly one of his yaks.

Robert Cissel stated he was herding his yaks on his property whenever a mother yak got very upset and billed him.

Cissel has a large number of them on his 75 acre farm and stated only 2 or 3 other farms appear in the condition.

"We bring them up mainly, initially for meat, we’re focusing on having the ability to comb out their fiber," stated Cissel.

Normally he states they are docile creatures, but he was almost wiped out through the mother yak over Memorial Day weekend.

"She billed me, mind lower horns up, and came at me in a dead sprint," he stated.

Following the yak attacked, Cissell wrapped his legs round the mind from the yak, keeping its horns.

"We’d about 40 minutes of the group hug," he stated.

Cissell’s two earliest children were with him during the time of the attack all his youngsters are under seven-years-old, but his earliest could call 911 and save his existence.

The Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control found his save and thankfully Cissell walked away only requiring a couple of stitches.

"I usually understood I’d awesome kids, but honestly I did not know he understood how you can call 911," stated Mackenzie, his wife.

Since the accident, the Cissell’s happen to be calling their children heroes even though he stated he’ll become more careful, Cissell stated the incident will not stop him from ongoing to boost yaks on his farm.

Resourse: http://wset.com/news/local/

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