Yak shaving defined – i’ll have that done, when i shave this yak. – scott hanselman

Un Yak - by Ludovic Hirlimann, used under Creative Commons http://flic.kr/p/ab5d1NI have used the word Yak Shaving for a long time. You are most likely shaving yaks at the office constantly and do not understand it.

The word was created by Carlin J. Vieri, a Ph.D. at Durch during the 90s.

Yak shaving is your work when you are doing a bit of stupid, fiddly little task that bears no apparent relationship as to the you are said to be focusing on, and yet a series of twelve causal relations links what you are doing towards the original meta-task.

Phrased differently, yak shaving is that stuff you need to do in order to solve some problem.

Here is a task. "Hey, Scott, are you able to deploy that site?

Ok, have i got access? No, gotta have it. Passwords? Deployment technique? Web Farm? Scaling how? Web framework not configured? Oh, how about the bond string?

"Hey, Scott, is the fact that site deployed yet?"

"No, I am still shaving this yak."

Yak photo by Ludovic Hirlimann used under Creative Commons

Programming the bottom line is

* Ren and Stimpy obviously, were first, however it was utilized at Durch poor irritating technology ceremony.

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Shave The Yak