Yik yak tests out new photo-discussing feature

Yik yak tests out new photo-discussing feature statement to Mashable

Yik Yak is piloting a photograph-discussing feature on select campuses after receiving numerous demands from users, based on Yik Yak Chief executive officer Tyler Droll.

“Yakkers have told us they&rsquod love a choice of adding an image for their yak, making this something we&rsquore presently trying out on a number of campuses,” Droll stated inside a statement to Mashable a week ago. “There happen to be some good photo yaks to date, depicting from inquiries to sports victories to random funny moments. We&rsquore excited to determine what these communities share.”

Yik Yak is definitely an anonymous social networking application by which users publish “Yaks,” that are 200-character messages viewable to users inside a 10-mile radius. Yik Yak staff will moderate the brand new photo-discussing feature to help keep inappropriate photos and photos that illustrate illegal activities from being published, Droll stated. Users can take pictures from the application.

Madeline Cruz, a Yik Yak campus representative and financial aspects junior, stated the feature could diminish the anonymous nature from the application but could also be accustomed to promote positive causes for example philanthropic sales.

“I would hope they’d introduce in a manner that could be positive,” Cruz stated. “Kind of such as the Snapchat campus story — they publish such things as people selling cupcakes for charitable organization in the western world Mall.”

Although Yik Yak is well-liked by university students, the application has gotten critical feedback due to threats and harassment published around the application, based on articles from digital news website TechCrunch. Anonymity around the application has brought to more dangerous comments being published, based on Katy Redd, Counseling and Mental Health Center interim program director.

Yik yak tests out new photo-discussing feature for charitable organization in

“Users are most likely more prepared to say [and] to comment inside a different voice compared to what they would normally use when they were representing themselves,” Redd stated. “I believe that we behave differently if this&rsquos our public persona versus [a mindset of] &lsquono one&rsquos ever going so that you can identify me.&rsquo”

Police force can occasionally identify users who publish inappropriate content on Yik Yak, Cruz stated.

“They have had the ability to track someone lower according to something they published around the application,” Cruz stated. “Anonymous are only able to go to date. There turns into a point where should you say something, you&rsquoll be punished for this. Police force continues to be associated with [certain content] that’s been published around the application.”

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Yik yak tests out new photo-discussing feature based on

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