Yik yak’s cto drops out because the hyped anonymous application stagnates

He’s only some of the one that thinks the supposed rocket ship won’t fly up to some expected when Sequoia brought a mammoth $62 million at $400 million valuation in November 2014. Since late this past year, Yik Yak’s VP of Product, Director of Engineering, Lead Product Designer along with other senior employees have departed.

However, the hometown CTO’s departure might have been catalyzed through the recruitment of seasoned Google Director of Engineering Michael Morrissey, funded through the Sequoia cash. Morrissey leads engineering at Yik Yak, and Chernetsky might possibly not have enjoyed finding yourself in his shadow. But it’d be difficult to leave an professional role in a startup if everything was up or more.

It appears the luster of posting anonymous gossip, jokes and bullying might be putting on off, because it did for Yik Yak’s dead cousin Secret. My source states Yik Yak has generated an immediate messaging feature that it is getting ready to release, but jumping in to the chat sphere may not be enough to revitalize the wounded animal.

Savage figures

Several weeks after Sequoia pumped hard earned dough in to the Atlanta startup, download rates and traffic started to decrease, based on Application Annie and comScore charts dug up by GigaOm. Everything has become worse since, as Google Play dropped it from the charts last March, likely because of hate speech within the application.

Yik Yak downloads

Now, Application Annie shows Yik Yak sank to No. 63 around the download charts among U.S. social media apps and just No. 1067 among all U.S. iOS apps. That’s when compared with No. 21 in social with no. 141 overall on April 3, 2014, No. 26 in social with no. 300 overall this date this past year along with a peak of No. 2 in social with no. 3 overall in September 2014.

While comScore’s exact figures aren’t always accurate, the directional trends are usually reliable. They reveal a decline beginning at the end of 2014. Now comScore pegs Yik Yak at 1.76 million monthly mobile users over 18, basically flat from 16 several weeks ago. A little Tech Insider survey recently didn’t place Yik Yak within the top 15 apps among university students after once to be the big startup on campus.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.57.51 PM

These stats all mesh using what my source states, that is that Yik Yak has already established zero significant development in more than a year, and consistently misses its growth targets. They cite 4 million monthly active users because the count in The month of january, noting the amount has declined since that time, though I can’t make sure exact number.

small-world-illoThe possible lack of more apparent growth can also be worrisome thinking about Yik Yak has silently begun pushing for worldwide usage in British-speaking countries like Ireland and Australia. The startup initially attempted to block overseas users until it had been ready, based on this excellent good reputation for the startup compiled by Business Insider’s Alyson Shontell.

Resourse: https://techcrunch.com/2016/04/06/yik-yuck/

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