You are able to go ahead and take yak from tibet…

Do yak die at low altitude? After I visited Tibet, The trainer told us they did, which the yak the thing is in zoos are mix-breeds. Yak genetics have adapted towards the thin air, they stated. You cannot bring them lower, they stated.

It sounded plausible, and I believed it was a neat fact to incorporate in a publish here. I simply needed a reference.

However when I looked, I did not find any convincing evidence that yak can’t survive low altitudes. Actually, the greater I looked, the less I understood exactly what a yak even was. I discovered information on wild yaks and domesticated yaks, and a few notes about mix-breeds. One of the muddled details, I discovered a couple of things that everybody appears to agree with: Bos grunniens is really a domesticated yak, also it exists in low altitude zoos a long way away from Tibet.


Domestic yak walking from a Tibetan zoo and nibbling on the plant.

How about wild yaks? Once they were first classified, these were known as bos mutus, which name continues to be being used, but it’s regarded as a subspecies of bos grunniens, not its very own species. Nature ones tend to be larger than domesticated yaks, and much more elusive.

The genome of bos grunniens continues to be sequenced. This originated from domestic yaks, because there are plenty of individuals and also the wild version is threatened. So everything we all know about yak genomics originates from the tame kind – the type that certainly can survive in low altitude zoos. Genomic analysis discovered that yak truly are genetically enhanced for top altitudes.


Domestic yak may be enhanced for top altitudes, but they’ve been come to lower ground plus they resided. Exactly the same may be true for wild yak, but you will find couple of of these and they’re difficult to find. A couple of several weeks ago, a sizable herd of these is discovered inside a remote section of Tibet. Great news, since it implies that they’re less threatened than we thought, but they’re still a mystery.

So yak die whenever you remove them of Tibet? Oh, sure, they’re unhappy and can die, but it isn’t the possible lack of altitude that kills them. It’s most likely heat. Yak will also be enhanced for any cold climate. After I is at the Himalayas 2 yrs ago, it snowed in August. This is actually the type of climate yak are utilized to. For them from the plateau, they are able to learn to adjust to the surplus oxygen, however the excess warmth is a lot harder.

To help make the yak handier, it is also entered with regular cattle, or bos taurus. The resulting animal, a dzo, is the greatest of all possible worlds: it’s strong just like a yak, however it thrives inside a climate that is not as harsh. It does not have the characteristic woolly coat.


The remoteness of Tibet is certainly introduced home through the difficulty I’m getting finding any kind of consistent info on its most well-known animal. I’d a significantly simpler time researching platypus!

Yak or Dzo


The Saltmen of Tibet


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