10 things you should know about yik yak

Christian, our security expert, feels the application breaches teens&rsquo privacy

10 Social Mobile Phone Applications That Breach Your Teenager’s Privacy

10 Social Mobile Phone Applications That Breach Your Teenager’s Privacy

Your kids have grown to be proto-adults, starting to develop. Similar to their buddies, they spend considerable time using smartphones, tablets and computers in ways you can only imagine.

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. He&rsquos not by yourself: the mixture of anonymous and native means people can publish anything, about anybody, without any effects.

And individuals have, while using application to spread all sorts of rumours. NBC known as Yik Yak the brand new home of cyberbulling. It got so bad at high and middle schools across America that college boards attempted to ban the application – with little success, before the application&rsquos makers walked in.

It&rsquos Blocked At US Middle and Schools

Kids using Yik Yak for bullying

How Safe Are Apps Like Kik, Yik Yak And Snapchat For Teens?

How Safe Are Apps Like Kik, Yik Yak And Snapchat For Teens?

What’s safe in my child? Can they be secure on the web? Is that this a secure application? In fact there is nothing safe – it’s the way you utilize it which makes it safe.

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apparently shocked the application&rsquos creators, so that they did something about this.

The application no more works should you&rsquore due to an american high or junior high school. A database of faculty locations across the nation makes this possible.

Search In On Other Areas

You are able to only publish and comment inside your geographic area, however it&rsquos easy to see what individuals say elsewhere. Just look for just about any college or city to begin browsing.

Should you&rsquore wondering what individuals are the old college are speaking about, this can be a quick strategy for finding out. Lori Rozsa from the New You are able to Occasions, a mom, spied on existence at her child&rsquos college by using this feature, another potential use.

It Will Likely Be Replaced, Eventually

Talking about moms searching at Yik Yak: area of the benefit of the application was its relative obscurity. It&rsquos anonymous, sure, however it&rsquos also a spot for university students to speak to one another without family turning up and ruining the party

5 Hottest Social Networks Without Your Granny

5 Hottest Social Networks Without Your Granny

May be the social networking market saturated? Is not everybody already on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and LinkedIn? Less than.

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Should you&rsquore a parent or gaurdian, because you&rsquore studying about Yik Yak now most likely means college kids stop utilizing it soon. The pattern with anonymous discussion boards is they die when so many people learn about them – sites like JuicyCampus came before, and and apps like Erodr will work difficult to replace Yik Yak these days. There&rsquos without doubt this cycle continues, so don&rsquot be confused should you&rsquore listening to another anonymous application entirely inside a couple of several weeks.

Do you consider Yik Yak&rsquos bad status is unfair? What exactly are your favourite areas of the application? Leave your comments below basically&rsquove been unfair, it&rsquos possible I&rsquom just becoming old.

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