Bijou basin ranch – about yaks

pict003.jpgCurrent day domestic yak are members of the bovine family, that also contains everyday domestic cattle, and therefore are known as Bos Grunniens. They’re descended from wild yak caught which were crossbred with domestic cattle and tamed by ancient people from the Himalaya Mountain tops of Asia. A brief history of Asia’s yak market is a minimum of 5000 years of age. Due to the yaks value like a animal of burden and it is products of very wealthy milk, valuable made of woll and hair, hides, horns, and incomparable quality of meat, the taming of yak brought to advance, success and economic development.

The folks of Tibet, plus other parts of Asia, are virtually totally determined by their yak herds. And such as the indigenous peoples and also the bison, these indians make use of the animal to the maximum. Your hair can be used for spinning, weaving and felting in addition to produce ropes and rugs. The milk is fully useful for its dairy potential utilized as milk, yogurt, and butter and yak meat is really a primary staple of the diet. The horns, hides, and bones will also be utilized, actually, the yak dung can be used because it is burned for fuel.

Yak were first imported to The United States within the late 1920’s, however, near to a century later, you may still find merely a couple of 1000 creatures in the usa today. To folks that bring them up, yaks offer not just economic chance, but an origin of pleasure and pleasure.

Yak Faks


Yaks possess a classic ‘old world’ appearance, They’ve handlebar horns, large shoulder humps like bison, horse-like tails and lengthy ‘skirts’ of hair that hang lower their sides almost down.

An adult, adult yak cow will weigh in at 600-800 pounds and stand four and something half ft tall in the shoulder. A yak bull will weigh from 1200-1500 pounds and stand five and something half ft tall in the shoulder. It takes approximately seven years for any yak to completely mature and achieve full-sized. Yak bulls are usually ready capable to breed by age three as the heifers can conceive at age two. Yak will readily crossbreed along with other bovines using the resulting offspring getting the greater characteristics of both species. The pregnancy duration of a yak is eight and something half several weeks.


Regarded as easy keepers yak require no special fencing or feed. A yak only eats about one-third 1/3 the quantity of hay or grass that the commercial cow eats, allowing three yaks to graze on a single pasture like a single beef cow. Furthermore, yaks don’t need a machine ration, which in turn eliminates, hormones and steroids, however a great mineral block is recognized as mandatory.

Because of the fact that yak calves, born following a 8 1/60 day pregnancy period, are somewhat small, 20 – 25 pounds at birth, calving is simple with problem births being unusual. Disease resistant and cold sturdy yaks are are ideal for cattlemen, small acreage proprietors, or exotic breeders supplying an origin of breeding stock, crossbreeding stock, meat, fiber, milk and milk products, hides, horns, making excellent pack or show creatures..

Yak Types…

Yaks are divided by color in to the following groups:

  • Imperial:black hair having a black nose.
  • Black:black hair having a grey nose
  • Trim:black hair with white-colored trim usually around the brow, ft and tip of tail.
  • Royal:black and white-colored hair (like Holstein cows).
  • Golden:light brown to golden color (from the recessive gene).
  • Woolly:longer and thicker hair coat.


Meet the Yaks of Bijou Basin Ranch