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Where’s Tibet? Could it be a part of China? Will I require a special visa to obtain there? All of these are great questions. We obtain them constantly. Read this short article to obtain a quick understanding of what Tibet travel means in the current geopolitical landscape.

SW China and also the Three Parts of Tibet

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Tibet Unveiled

Noted for its remarkable tranquility and rugged beauty, Tibet is really a place like none other. Awe-inspiring mountain panoramas, vast undulating grasslands, active Buddhist monasteries, along with a deeply traditional culture that’s disarming in the warmth of hospitality, combine to create this probably the most fascinating arrives at earth. You can also now benefit from the sights and sounds of the highland wonderland. Noted for its reliable bookings and extensive regional understanding, Extravagant Yak is really a premier Tibet travel agent that’s been helping adventurers and admirers alike uncover the unseen great thing about Tibet for a long time. Discover why we exist.

Tibet Tour Package

From Jiuzhaigou to Lhasa and Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu, our Tibet tourism service ensures that you will get to determine the wonder and splendor of the remote land first hands. Whether you are interested in visiting Tibetan Buddhist monasteries or wish to bathe within the wealthy culture from the Tibetan people, we’ll craft an ideal travel package that fits and exceeds your expectations. Learn how it really works.

Through our personalized Tibet tourism service you’ll view historic landmarks like the Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace, Pelkhor Chode Monasatery, Barkhor Circuit, Everest Base Camp, and much more. Our local guides provide you with the insider experience with seeing Tibet through your eyes of the Tibetan. All at the own pace and based on your wishes.

Journey a person can have

Come enjoy this mysterious and exotic land and discover why Tibet is really a beautiful place to go for people all over the world. In the tallest mountain tops to ancient monasteries, this sanctuary of unparalleled scenery and culture can make your Tibet adventure a definitive existence experience. It will be virtually impossible to limit you to ultimately just one visit to Tibet!

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