Within the shadow of everest

Within the shadow of everest documentation, however, this remote area

Within the Shadow of Everest presents professional photographer Tom Wool’s pictures of existence within the villages of Tibet’s Rongbuk Valley. Taken during the period of four days in May 2001, Wool’s photographs capture the Valley’s rugged terrain, which stretches roughly thirty miles from the bottom of Mount Everest around the north side. The place to find some 3,000 Tibetans, the Rongbuk Valley area is of distinct importance towards the indigenous population because of its sacred geography and non secular history. Thought to be where earth touches the heav­ens, Mount Everest is known as “Chomolungma” in Tibetan, meaning “Mother Goddess of the world.Inches The valley can also be the place to find the Rongbuk Monastery, the greatest associated with a on the planet at 17,000 ft above ocean level.

Supported by two yakmen along with a small horse, Made of woll adopted the path taken throughout the first British expeditions through el born area, including that taken by George Mallory and Andrew Irvine because they attempted their ill-fated Everest climb in 1924. Made of woll rapidly found realize how little el born area had altered since individuals early expeditions. His photographs epitomize the Valley’s harsh terrain that’s been marked by dirt brick homes, populated by Buddhist priests and yogis, and lived on by yaks, sheep, and goats for hundreds of years. Within numerous years of Wool’s documentation, however, this remote area saw the encroachment of modernity whenever a road was produced to create the Olympic torch from Mount Everest to Beijing.

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In the shadow of Everest