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The Highland breed has resided for hundreds of years within the rugged remote Scottish Highlands. The very harsh conditions produced a procedure of natural selection, where just the fittest and many adaptable creatures survived to keep the breed. Initially had been two distinct classes: the marginally smaller sized in most cases black Kyloe, whose primary domain was the hawaiian islands from the west coast of northern Scotland different, a bigger animal generally reddish colored, whose territory was the remote Highlands of Scotland. Today these two strains are considered as you breed-the Highland. Additionally towards the black and red from the original strains, yellow, dun and silver-white-colored will also be considered traditional colors.

The Highland may be the earliest registered variety of cattle, using the first herd book being established in 1884. Around that point, American cattlemen the actual western U.S. recognized natural characteristics from the Highland animal and imported these to enhance the bloodstream lines of the herds. Consequently, the Highland contributed in a terrific way to the prosperity of the American cattle industry. Today Highlands are located throughout The United States, plus Europe, Australia, and South Usa.

Highlands require little when it comes to shelter, feed supplements, or costly grains to attain and keep good shape and fitness. Actually, Highland cattle appear to savor conditions by which a number of other breeds would perish. Cold and snow haven’t much impact on them. They’ve been elevated as far north as Alaska and also the Scandinavian countries. Additionally they adapt well up to the more southerly climates with effective herds as far south as Texas and Georgia. Under ideal pasture or range land is yet another need to think about the Highland breedAnd continues to be stated the Highland will eat the other cattle go by . . . and obtain fat onto it! The Highland can also be a great browser, in a position to obvious a brush lot with efficiency and speed.

The Highland is really a disease resistant breed. Lengthy lashes and forelocks shield their eyes from flying insects, and for that reason, pinkeye and cancer eye are uncommon. Highlands don’t stress easily, so stress-related illnesses occur with less frequency. Along with other bovine illnesses modify the Highland less, in order to the genetic advantages they’ve achieved.

highland-web-5.jpgDespite lengthy horns and weird appearance, the Highland is recognized as a level-tempered animal – bulls in addition to cows. They may also be halter trained as quickly as every other breed, much more so due to the Highland’s superior intelligence.

The company finish associated with a beef animal may be the amount and excellence of the meat it creates. The market today is demanding premium meat, yet leaner minimizing in cholesterol. The Highland carcass is ideally suitable for this concern. Highland beef is meat that’s lean, well marbled and flavorful, with little outdoors waste fat (the Highland is insulated by lengthy hair as opposed to a thick layer of fat). For more than twenty years, the Highland and Highland crosses have graded in the top of the their particular classes in the esteemed National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. Within the Uk, Highland beef is recognized because the finest available and fetches premium prices. The British Royal family looks after a large herd of Highlands at Balmoral Castle, near Braemar, Scotland, and views them their beef animal of preference.


American Highland Cattle Association, #200 Animals Exchange Building, 4701 Marion Street, Denver, CO 80216. Phone: (303) 292-9102


The American Animals Breeds Conservancy PO Box 477 Pittsboro, NC 27312

American Highland Cattle Association, #200 Animals Exchange Building, 4701 Marion Street, Denver, CO 80216. Phone: (303) 292-9102

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