Nomad adventure – camping with tibetan nomads snowlion tours

Nomad adventure - camping with tibetan nomads snowlion tours forest valley, you

First Day: Xining – Gonlung (Youningsi) – Repkong (Tongren)

Drive to Gonlung monastery, among the four famous monasteries across the northern Tsongchu (Huangshuihe) river. Then drive across the Yellow River to Repkong (Tongren), which is called the cradle of Tibetan arts.

Day 2: Rebkong

Visit Longwo Monastery (built-in the 13th-14th centuries), local Tibetan homes, and also the famous thangka painting schools. Go to a couple of other monasteries and artist families.

Day 3: Repkong – Tsekog grasslands

Driving via a forest valley, you’ll come across a wide open grassland. Setup camp around the grassland.

Day 4: Tsekog grasslands

Experience firsthand the life-style of Tibetan nomads. Join nomads herding yak and sheep and making cheese, yogurt, and butter. Try riding a yak. You may disappear, and also the nomads might laugh to you, however they can help you back on.

Day 5: Tsekog grasslands

Spend a later date camping with nomads.

Day 6: Tsekog Grasslands – Sogdzong (Henan) Grasslands

Sogdzong, also referred to as Henan Xian in Chinese, is really a Mongolian town heavily affected by Tibetan culture. Camp alongside Mongolian nomads residing in Mongolian yurts.

Nomad adventure - camping with tibetan nomads snowlion tours later date camping with nomads

Day 7: Sogdzong grasslands

Spend a later date camping with nomads.

Day 8: Sogdzong – Xining

Drive to Xining after which fly out.

Itineraries are susceptible to change without prior notice.


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C & B: +ReignBeauHounds although the dinnette would be great for chopping up veggies for meals, etc.

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