In your own home in oakland with shop owner alice erb

In your own home in oakland with shop owner alice erb maintain stocks of the store

Who: Alice Erb, co-who owns the wonderfully eclectic shop Tail from the Yak

Where: Oakland, California

Approximately the Oakland border, in Berkeley, is Tail from the Yak — or even the Yak, for brief. It is a magical, eclectic, jewel-box of the shop, beloved by locals in addition to by worldwide visitors who make pilgrimages to maintain stocks of the store’s one-of-a-kind pieces.

Alice Erb, together with artist Lauren McIntosh, may be the co-owner and it has been because the mid-1970s. A voracious traveler, Alice frequently takes 2 or 3 worldwide journeys annually, for both pleasure and to buy unique treasures from around the globe. (Of note are Anandamayi Arnold’s "surprise balls," superbly made paper fruits and botanicals which contain 12 small surprises within. Would you keep your beautiful object out of the box or solve it? An intriguing dilemma.)

Alice has resided within the San Francisco Bay Area the majority of her adult existence and purchased her home in Oakland in 1983. It’s just as filled with gorgeous souvenirs from her travels as you’d expect.

The Storyline Behind Alice Erb’s Commune-Style Home

Her sister known as her relating to this very bizarre property for purchase within the Temescal district of Oakland, which at that time was a classic Italian neighborhood switched just a little sketchy. "You need to go view it — now!" she was adamant.

Focused on a dual lot, the home contained four old houses, numerous outbuildings, and many wells. The land would be a tangle of overgrown vegetable gardens walnut, lemon, and fig trees and busted concrete driveways.

In your own home in oakland with shop owner alice erb or even

"It had been as an old Italian farm attended seed right in the center of Oakland," Alice recalls.

She immediately saw its potential and within two hrs she’d convinced three buddies to participate her within the purchase, each going for a house and discussing all of those other property.

Today, the very first three buddies have managed to move on and new proprietors (an active mixture of youthful families, teenagers, artists, scientists, cooks, teachers, activists, and social workers including this writer!) took their place. But Alice still resides in her original house, a classic Queen Anne built-in the late 1800s.