Hawthorne racecourse: jim miller’s selections during the day

Hawthorne racecourse: jim miller' title='Hawthorne racecourse: jim miller' /></p>
<p>Jims Hawthorne Selections</p>
<p>Thursday, October 10</p>
<p>I may also be posting an expanded analysis which includes</p>
<p>bankroll plays should you click the Jim Millers Analysis portion of the</p>
<p>picks. Although this will give you my top three</p>
<p>selections, that page can have much more of my way of thinking to get to individuals</p>
<p>selections. Lets possess a great meet!</p>
<p>Race 1</p>
<p>1st  #5  Big Smooth</p>
<p>2nd  #1  Prince Cheval</p>
<p>3rd  #6  Lewis Anna</p>
<p>Race 2</p>
<p>1st  #5 – Keeker</p>
<p>2nd  #2 – Loya</p>
<p>3rd  #7 – Phaniebdancing</p>
<p>Race 3</p>
<p>1st  #2 – Takeittothehouse</p>
<p>2nd  #6  Gerry With a</p>
<p>3rd  #1  <a href='~id-6Mongol Bull

Race 4

1st #2 – Aeropagus

2nd #9 Sweet Charise

3rd #1 Givem Hell


Race 5

1st #2 Davids Lucky Lady

2nd #8 Circus Kitten

3rd #4 – Brewmistress

Race 6

1st #8 Annies Showtime

2nd #6 R U My Pal

3rd #9 From the Street

Race 7

1st #6 Away Westward

2nd #11 – Linguini

Hawthorne racecourse: jim miller' title='Hawthorne racecourse: jim miller' /></p>
<p>3rd  #2  Prado U</p>
<p>Race 8</p>
<p>1st  #2  Jimmy Got Even</p>
<p>2nd  #9  Spikey Italiano</p>
<p>3rd  #8  Caseys Available</p>
<p>Race 9</p>
<p>1st  #4 – Littlebrownroad</p>
<p>2nd  #7  Great Bam</p>
<p>3rd – #6  Silver Superstar</p>
<p><b>Jims Return on investment through</p>
<p>Wednesday, October 9</b></p>
<p><b>Wednesday  9 Races Wins</p>
<p> 2 2nd  4  3rd</p>
<p>-1 Return – $57.00</b></p>
<p><b>Meet up to now</b></p>
<p><b>Total Races  36 Wins  10 2nd  9 3rd</p>
<p> 2 Return – $196.20 Return on investment – $1.82</b></p>
<p>Resourse: http://hawthorneracecourse.com/todays_selections/selections.php?f=/todays_selections/selections/</p>
<h3>Hawthorne Race Course – Camel & Ostrich Races 2010</h3>
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