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The Tibetan Yak Conservancy is really a non-profit organization focused on preserving the purebred Tibetan yak in the usa through identifying, building, and managing core purebred breeding herds.

What We Should Need

Presently our most significant goal may be the lease or donation of the bigger facility for the expanding

herd, ideally close to the San Fran. Volunteers will also be useful in helping with every aspect of yak care, exhibitions, and outreach. Apprenticeships in yak taming, training and care might be available. Donations of feed and equipment will always be welcome.

Who We’re

Conservancy founder Coralee Whitsett has traveled throughout America for more than ten years, obtaining authentic Tibetan yaks to create a core breeding herd to assist preserve this rare species to return.

Since yaks can’t be imported from Asia, the American yak gene pool has become sealed among a comparatively few purebred yaks. It is necessary to identify high-trait or purebred yaks through dna testing and thoroughly manage herds to prevent a significant loss of the breed and, ultimately, losing the pure Tibetan yak in the usa.

What We Should Do

Within the last 10 years, the Yak Conservancy has managed a little breeding herd of black-and-white-colored

Tibetan "Royals", who’re educated to fulfil all of the traditional Tibetan yak functions, including

milking. This really is perhaps the biggest tame herd in the usa, and also the yaks frequently visit come in

educational presentations at various Tibetan cultural occasions, putting on authentic Tibetan yak saddles

and ornaments.

For those who have a center or are conscious of a center that could be thinking about sponsoring the the Conservancy’s yaks, please contact:

Coralee Whitsett

Phone: (707) 813-1085

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.wix.com/tibetanyaks/coralee_whitsett (paste to your primary browser)

Resourse: http://waccobb.internet/forums/