Exotic creatures, pony rides

Exotic creatures, pony rides and deer

Plan an enjoyable outing towards the Bayou Wildlife Zoo in Alvin, Texas, where your

kids can pet a number of exotic creatures and continue pony rides. Our zoo

holds greater than 500 different creatures and wild birds from 60 different

species. We have endangered animal species within our park, including:

&bull Banteng Cattle
&bull White-colored Rhinoceroses
&bull Gaur Cattle
&bull Barasingha Deer &bull Ring-Tailed Lemurs
&bull Bactrian Camels
&bull Pere David’s Deer
&bull Addaxes (Screwhorn Antelope) &bull Scimitar-Horned Oryx
&bull Hog Deer
&bull Earth Lechwe

Petting Zoo

Our petting zoo hosts all kinds of creatures including pigs, goats, and deer, as well as some baby creatures. Walk in and pet them, or acquisition of bucket of food to give all of them with.

Pony Rides

We welcome all kids under 90 lbs. to sign up inside a pony ride. Our staff people may lead your son or daughter on the very tame, medium-sized pony on the three-minute walk round the fence in our riding ring.

Call us in Alvin, Texas, for more information about our exotic creatures and pony rides.

Resourse: http://bayouwildlifezoo.com/

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