Exotic creatures

Exotic creatures very beautiful or wild

Within the Town of Wheat Ridge it’s illegal for anybody to possess, possess, harbor, sell or traffic exotic or wild creatures, whether it’s indigenous to this condition or otherwise. (Section 4-14 Exotic or Wild Creatures)

What’s a very beautiful Animal?

Exotic creatures include a number of species for example reptiles (alligators), marsupials, non-human primates (apes) and wild-feline creatures and potbellied pigs. Potbellied pig proprietors might be granted the best through the Animal Welfare and Control Commission. (see below exceptions)


Your Pet Welfare and Control Commission (AWCC) may grant exceptions to Section 4-14, Prohibited Creatures, for successive amounts of time to not exceed twelve several weeks. Exceptions for potbellied pigs might be granted through the AWCC. Contact Animal Control to ask about the best.

Exactly what is a Wild Animal?

Exotic creatures the best through

Wildlife creatures include various kinds of creatures like the red fox, skunks, coyotes and then any animal that isn’t a domestic animal.

While a number of these creatures are extremely cute and lovable as babies they soon develop to become unmanageable and aren’t safe to help keep as family pets! Community Service Animal Control Officials want to help remind folks never to to get or handle a very beautiful or wild animal.

Citizens can contact Animal Control at 303-235-2926, our non-emergency dispatch at 303-237-2220, or Colorado Parks and Wildlife at 303-291-7227.

Resourse: http://ci.wheatridge.co.us/1104/

The Rare and Exotic Animals | Nat Geo Wild [HD]


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