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Rangelands and Pastoral Production around the Tibetan Plateau in Western China

Animals of Tibetan Rangelands

Herd of yaks relocating to new pastures, 4800 m near Mun Tso, Tibet.

Yaks are among the most significant domestic creatures present in Tibetan rangelands. Yaks provide milk and dairy food, meat, fibre, and hides. They’re also employed for draught and riding as well as their dung is a vital supply of fuel within an area where fire wood isn’t available. With no yak it’s doubtful if nomads could live in addition to they are doing within the highlands of Tibet. The yak, in lots of ways, defines nomadic pastoralism across the majority of Tibet and makes existence feasible for man within the worlds harshest environments.

Tibetan nomad lady milking a yak, near Xiahe, Gansu Province.

Chinese scholars claim yak husbandry is all about 4,000 years of age. Whenever it started, the domestication from the yak was the singlemost essential aspect within the evolution of nomadic pastoralism around the Tibetan Plateau. Although Tibetan nomads also raise other creatures, they place a lot value around the yak the Tibetan term for yaks, nor, can also be converted as "wealth".

Tibetan nomad camp near Hongyuan, northwest Sichuan Province at approximately 3600 m. Yaks are tangled up for milking.

A typical nomad family in northwest Sichuan Province would maintain about 30-40 milking female yaks. This implies the final amount of yaks within their herd could be about 100. 30 to 40 milking yaks is one of the most a typical nomad family can maintain without having to hire additional work.

Tibetan sheep being milked near Mun Tso at approximately 5000 m in west central Tibet. Sheep lamb in Feb and March and, starting in June, following the lambs are weaned, sheep are milked two times each day.

Although yaks characterise Tibetan pastoralism, sheep are often more important economically. Sheep provide made of woll, meat, hides, and, in lots of areas, will also be milked. In western Tibet, a typical nomad family may raise 300-400 sheep. A household with this particular many sheep would slaughter 30 sheep each year for his or her own meat consumption. The made of woll from Tibetan sheep can also be among the best carpet wools on the planet.

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Resourse: http://tew.org/rangelands/

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