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Hair Coat Shedding in Angus Cattle

by Katie Gazda for Angus Productions Corporation.

BOZEMAN, Mont. (June 2, 2011) — The Meat Improvement Federation (BIF) Live Animal, Carcass and Finish Point Committee met Thursday mid-day in Bozeman, Mont., for any technical session chaired by Robert Johnson from the American-Worldwide Charolais Association.

Joe Cassady, executive vice-president of BIF and affiliate professor of animal science at New York Condition College (NCSU), began the mid-day&rsquos presentations with a listing of your hair-shedding study presently arrived at NCSU in cooperation with Trent Cruz and Jane Parish atf Mississippi Condition College (MSU).

“Certainly you will find variations in hair-coat type. You will find short-haired cattle. You will find lengthy-haired cattle,” he started. “Whether an animal is really a short-haired animal or perhaps a lengthy-haired animal, they’re still going to defend myself against a winter coat, and they’re still likely to shed that winter coat within the spring. However, there’s variation in how rapidly individuals creatures shed that winter hair coat and that’s the focus from the research that we’re doing.”

The research, funded largely partly through the Angus Foundation, consists from the ranking of hair jackets of Angus dams on the proportions of 1 to five. A score of “1” signifies a clever, summer time coat. A “5” signifies a complete winter coa (see proceedings and PowerPoint presentation for any description from the scoring system and photographs representing the different coat scores).This spring, Cassady and the team have rated nearly 7,000 cattle in Missouri, Texas, Virginia, New York, Sc, Mississippi, Iowa, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky.

“Our objective within the initial experiment ended up being to assess the quantity of variation in the opportunity to shed your hair coat in Angus cattle and to look for the relationship between hair coat shedding, pounds of calf weaned and the body condition score,” Cassady described. “So, we&rsquore searching at ale the cow to reduce her hair coat after which searching in the pounds of calf that they weaned.”

Hair shedding, or even the lack thereof, can enjoy a sizable role in heat stress. Heat stress may cause reduced conception rates, milk production, feed intakes and putting on weight and may ultimately result in dying in cattle. When cattle have been in hot environments, there are a variety of things which will make evaporative cooling unfavorable, including humidity, wind speed, respiration rate and sweat gland activity.

So far, Cassady and the team have found the later around a cow sheds her coat, the low the adjusted 205-day weight of her calf. That stated, Cassady figured that by selecting for hair-shedding traits within the Southeast, calf weights could increase.

“About the finish of May happens when folks within the Southeast would wish to put shedding scores on their own cattle,” he stated. “We would expect there to become a reaction to selection since it&rsquos a moderately heritable trait so we would expect cows that clever off sooner to wean heavier calves.”

Despite several weeks of research, there’s no scientific answer at this time why hair shedding correlates with calf weight.

“Why performs this happen? The only real honest response to that’s, &lsquoI don&rsquot know,&rsquo” Cassady accepted. “We can speculate a great deal. We are able to undergo a large amount of scenarios, however the honest answer from the scientific perspective is &lsquoI don&rsquot know.&rsquo”

Diet, temperature, atmosphere and genotype will also be elements that could affect hair-coat shedding, Furthermore, beyond weaning weight, you will find additional traits the research team believes might also correlate.

“We wouldn&rsquot be amazed to determine a connection between durability and hair-coat shedding. Certainly it impacts reproduction and pregnancy length. I understand people that are saying their cows are calving two days sooner than they ought to due to heat stress,” Cassady stated. “And how about adolescence? We haven&rsquot done any operate in heifers. All of the cows we&rsquove checked out have created a calf. What occur in the developing heifer? We don&rsquot know.”

Joe cassady hair coat shedding in angus cattle assess the

By early June, the aim of they was to go back to all of the identical operations this year to re-score exactly the same cattle. Through the September 2012 American Angus Association Board of Company directors meeting, they wishes to have its set of hair-coat shedding complete.

To hear this presentation and also to see the PowerPoint and also the proceedings paper that supported it, go to the Newsroom at

BIF&rsquos 43rd Annual Research Symposium and Annual Meeting was located June 1-4 on campus at Montana Condition College, Bozeman, Mont.

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Joe cassady hair coat shedding in angus cattle look for the relationship

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