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The Brokpa villages have continued to be largely isolated in the currents of globalization that have started to affect Bhutan because it started opening the nation to foreign vacationers within the 1970s. The village’s occupants still depend on their own yak herds for survival, using the creatures supplying food, clothing, and heat, they do not grow your crops due to the high altitude of the villages’ locations.

“I desired to photograph this story since the first route to the Brokpa Villages is going to be complete and that i desired to document their lives before they altered forever,” stated Heath.  

In addition to the introduction of electricity this year and community-shared taps of flowing water, little has altered during these villages for hundreds of years. And through the summer time several weeks, the Brokpa yak herders live a semi-nomadic existence trying to find fresh pastureland for his or her herds full of the Himalayan mountain tops.

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Existence for that villagers may also be difficult due to unpredictable weather and monsoons. Heath resided using the herders throughout the summer time. “I can’t imagine what it really should have been like during the cold months several weeks.  I was there in June, right before monsoon season, also it was freezing,” Heath told “[I] came away with lots of flea and leech bites.”

He stated the weather also impacted his photography. “For the majority of the year, the sunshine is amazingly harsh throughout the day [until about] 3:00 p.m. which restricted the outside photography I possibly could do. It left the photos searching really beaten up there would be a huge contrast in the highlights towards the shadows,” Heath described. “Bhutan has beautiful light within the late mid-day, but because of the topography, the sun’s rays goes lower quite early.”

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