The reality regarding nepal’s bloodstream-consuming festivals

“A yak is really a serious animal,” states Turin. “There’s lots of edible meat on the yak.”

Let us support for any second: The staple Nepalese diet includes grain, lentils and vegetables. Meat is really a rarity within the rural parts in which the festivals prevail, states Turin. These communities are largely Buddhists, he states — and Buddhists aren’t permitted to kill creatures. They’re, however, permitted to consume the meat of the animal who dies accidentally. Over-bleeding, he states, is a nice good “method to accidentally finish track of a defunct yak.”

Asenbrennerova states no creatures died during her 24-hour remain at the campground. But Turin states that isn’t normally the situation.

“Each time I have visited one of these simple festivals,” states Turin, “I have seen a couple of yaks accidentally bled to dying.”