Students unimpressed by yik yak’s new photo feature

Students unimpressed by yik yak' title='Students unimpressed by yik yak' /></p>
<p>However, many students don’t think the move will allow it to become a news generator.</p>
<p>“I see some questionable stuff around the application, but I am not going to visit Yik Yak to determine news,” Taraneh Ansari, a sophomore at Indiana College, said in an e-mail.</p>
<p>While Ansari states the application doesn’t always break news, she maintains that it's really a forum that people discuss billed issues.</p>
<p>“I do, however, frequently see when individuals are upset about things happening at campus or in school — or example, people quarrelling over gay legal rights,” she states.</p>
<p>Following a announcement, various students required to Twitter voicing their concerns. Users published things such as “This might get ugly” and “Yik <a href='~id-234Yak adds photos. Frightening options.”

Allison Strehl, a senior at East Carolina College, states photos can nonetheless be hurtful around the application despite not labeled “inappropriate” or using faces. Strehl gave a good example of someone posting a photograph not showing a face supported with a derogatory caption.

Ansari agreed with Caroline, stating that Yik Yak is definitely an application connected with negative messages.

“I imagine that photos are only able to become more hurtful than Yik Yak can be,Inches she states.

Students unimpressed by yik yak' title='Students unimpressed by yik yak' /></p>
<p>Previously, anonymous users have published racist remarks around the application at various college campuses — including Syracuse College, the University of New York and Notre Dame.</p>
<p>Some students see adding photos as something which might override anonymity. Sharon Nunn, a junior at College of New York, states that pictures could give clues to people’s locations.</p>
<p>“We had someone threaten to skyrocket my campus this past year and also the newcomer who made it happen wound up getting arrested,” she states within an email. “Now, they could track him lower by having an Ip and all sorts of that jazzy technology, but posting threatening pictures will make it also simpler to recognize these folks threatening to complete injury to others.”</p>
<h3>The Value of Anonymity with Yik Yak's Brooks Buffington and Tyler Droll</h3>
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Musichead2468: Well, now they went super against their values of anonymity.

Qslick B: stop saying “anonymous” it’s “anonymity”!!!!!

wahhmann123: to be honest whisper is the only company that has a shot in this space

Stephen Kopanski: +wahhmann123 I wouldn’t assume you’re right about that.

AM: I hate you guys why the hell you closed the best app ever

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: What a wild ride. I’ve used yikyak since it basically came out, and watching it go down in flames has been pretty educational. Just wish I could ask Mr. Droll if he’s learned anything from this. Kinda goes to show how chaotic the startup is in this day and age–someone who has no clue what the fuck they’re doing can sit on a 400 million dollar app and have it crash down within a decade.\n\nBiggest takeaway from Yikyak and Droll’s story: You *do not* decide what your consumers want.

Time Is illmatic: yall fucking suck dude perfect app is ruined

Kristiyan Bogdanov: total 180 in only 1 year

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