Three details to determine the quality of a pair of eyeglass frames

What kind of frame is a good frame, three details can basically determine the quality of a pair of frames.
1, color – look at the shade.
Put the glasses flat in front of the eyes, in the same light intensity, to observe the color of the legs have no difference in shades; sometimes, due to processing errors, there will be left and right leg color asymmetry.
2, process – look at the details.
The process is the quality assurance of the frame, and a pair of frames are often reflected in the details of the craft.
(1) two frame legs are flat.
The frame is flat on the table; the contact point has no overhang. If there is a high side to a low situation, we must ask professionals to adjust the legs to achieve the effect of left and right balance up and down symmetry.
(2) metal frames near the welding point should pay more attention to see if there are cracks.
Due to the thermal effect of welding changes the stress structure of the material, or false welding, material fatigue, etc., to make it vulnerable to fracture when the force.
(3) the frame bracket leaves pay attention to the two sides of the symmetry, and the degree of fixation is safe.
(4) open and close the legs, and feel the elasticity.
The general view that the tighter, the better is wrong; that means that the lubrication of the screw is not enough, it easy to causes injury to the leg, and too loose is not good and may not tighten the screw caused. The tightness of the best moderate.

3, on the mark – look at the material.
Many frames will be marked in the leg frame material, especially gold and titanium, two precious metal material frame. Let’s briefly understand their markings.
(1) GF/GP: GF for the gold frame, that is, thin gold sheet fused to other metal substrates rolled into the frame; GP for the gold-plated frame, that is, the electroplating method will be gold plated on the surface of the frame made of other metals.
(2) Ti-P/Ti-C: Ti is the logo containing titanium material, Ti-P represents pure titanium, Ti-C represents titanium alloy, and so on.
What is the difference between titanium, titanium alloy, beta-titanium, and memory alloy?
A. Pure titanium.
Pure titanium eyewear is made of titanium metal with a purity of 99% or higher. The frames made of pure titanium have a high melting point, light material, strong corrosion resistance, and strong electroplating, which can ensure the two important properties of eyeglass frames, such as beauty and durability.
B. Beta titanium.
It can be understood as another molecular state of titanium. β titanium is not comparable to pure titanium in terms of purity, but its strength, fatigue resistance, and environmental corrosion resistance are much better than pure titanium.
C. Titanium alloy.
The definition of titanium alloy is relatively broad; as long as it contains titanium material can be called titanium alloy. Therefore, the quality and grade of titanium alloy eyeglass frames vary, and the price of titanium alloy eyeglasses has a direct impact on the composition of titanium alloy. Using titanium alloy to make glasses is not to reduce the cost but to improve the application of the material’s performance.
D. Shape memory alloy.
Constructed of nickel, titanium, vanadium, and other metals, it has superior elasticity; the lens leg, such as encountering external forces, the degree of bending can exceed BETA, a titanium alloy, and can return to the original state. Therefore named shape memory alloy.
The difference between the price of titanium is not just the price, but more importantly, they each have a unique process and product performance. So not, that material frame is certainly a higher price.

In addition, the natural materials used before are now changed to artificial materials, such as horn rimmed glasses, tortoise shell glasses, etc.

In recent years, TR material has been particularly popular.
TR90, a polymer material with memory, is lightweight, about less than half the weight of the plate frame; it can reduce the bridge of the nose, and ear burden, making wear more lightweight and comfortable. Vibrant colors are more vibrant and outstanding than ordinary plastic frame colors.
Impact resistance: it can effectively prevent eye injuries caused by impact during sports.
High-temperature resistance: can withstand over 300 degrees for a short period of time, not easy to melt and burn. The frame is not easy to deformation is not easy to change color, and the frame wears longer.
TR90 material light can float in the water and can reduce the bridge of the nose and ear weight. There is elasticity, force bending, or relaxation after tightening, which will quickly return to the original state, not easy to deformation, fracture, frame colorful. Fashionable appearance, easier to match the clothing, a blend of plate thickness and metal texture.