Lady, dog dealing with dog attack in jacksonville

Lady, dog dealing with dog attack in jacksonville ActionNewsJax- Local lady states she

Action News Jax reporter Russell Colburn spoken with the victim and faced who owns the pit bulls.

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Kim Anaheim stated she was walking her chocolate Labrador, Rapunzel, ‘life was imple’ close to the lake behind her complex once they were attacked by two pit bulls.

“To see her get attacked like it had become horrible,” Anaheim stated.

Anaheim demonstrated Action News Jax bite marks on her behalf face and arm. She stated she also offers bruises from attempting to pull the pit bulls off Rapunzel.

“I keep just getting flashbacks to see it and hearing Rapunzel,” stated Anaheim. “It’s hearing her just scream and cry, because she’s this type of good girl. Every time they attacked her she did not raise a paw. She did not even bark. She set.”

Anaheim stated the dogs nearly ripped her dog&rsquos tail and ear off. Both Anaheim and Rapunzel is going to be OK.

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But Anaheim stated it wasn’t the very first time it has happened. Anaheim stated her lengthy-haired Chihuahua, Peanut, was wiped out by dogs of the same owner in regards to a year . 5 ago.

Action News Jax faced the dog owner.

As he was requested if he’d call the dogs aggressive, the dog owner stated: “Towards other creatures, yes, they’re.”

The person wouldn’t give his name, but apologized for which the dogs did and stated the dogs is going to be put lower on Tuesday.

“It breaks me, because my young boy loves the dogs, however, you know, it’s what it’s,Inch the dog owner stated.

Action News Jax requested the reports on attacks from police and animal control.

Lady, dog dealing with dog attack in jacksonville lady-dog

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At noon- ONLY on @ActionNewsJax- Local lady states she & her dog were attacked by pit bulls outdoors her Mandarin home. We confront the dog owner.

— Russell Colburn (@RussellANjax) Feb 21, 2017

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