The bull hot pot

The bull hot pot is extremely

Prepared to eat something healthy and different?

The right place valued through the Mongolian people, may be the Hot Pot. Among the best is The Bull Hot Pot, also well rated on because the sixth best restaurant in Ulan Bator.

If you’re not acquainted with the idea of Hot Pot, allow me to explain you rapidly.

First, you select basics soup, that you will prepare all of your delicacies, within four to five choices. Then comes the big choice for the salads, mushrooms, meats, pastas along with other carefully prepared ingredients. You’ll add them in to the soup and allow it to take couple of minutes. That’s prepared to eat! Only will you be needing a sauce to function as a companion for the dishes, also arriving different alternatives such as the favorite sesame oil combined with a kind of nut cream or even the spicy one. Tasty!

The idea originates from China, and popular with the Mongolians, it is almost always famous the cold days, like now in the winter months.

It’s very healthy along with a good chance to warm your body before striking the road or perhaps a lengthy walk outdoors. The good thing? Discussing the meals together with your buddies and family, and become surprised by the amount of food that stacks up for grabs.. You will not actually have a little space for any napkin ! Do not concern yourself: it will likely be nicely digested as all of the portions are small , thinly cut to maximise the boiling time.

All of the dishes are carefully selected and offered fresh up for grabs, the style of the area is gorgeous and also the personnel is extremely welcoming. It’s even easy to book a table within an enclosed area, providing you with confidence not to be disturbed.

Center is situated in an easy place, facing the embassy of China within the city, in the 3rd floor from the Bluemon Tower. It’s at approximately 5min walk towards East in the Genghis Khan Square and it is famous Parliament (using the statue of Genghis Khan).

A really special place if you would like to consume together with your relatives, friend or perhaps colleagues for any good and cosy moment.

Attractive cost: count about $8 to $12 per person for any happy full belly!


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