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Beer Review #339: Matilda Bay Brewing Co. – Fat Yak Pale Ale (VIC, Australia)


hannameister: Moved to Australia 2 years ago, definitely my favourite beer on a hot summers day.

RampantLionReviews: Ah nice – sunshine coast is a nice part of the country. I stayed with a friend for a while in Caloundra – loved it! :)

GamerDares wins: +RampantLionReviews oh!\n\nMy cousins are in Caloundra, though I've not been there for around 20 years 😕

Scott Bowersock: When I visited Aus in the late 90's, I said I have good news and bad news for you about your beer.  The good news is it's twice as good as the American mass market stuff.  The bad news is it's twice as expensive.  Loved the beer and Queensland.  Took a train slowly from Cairns to Brisbane.  Good memories.

GamerDares wins: +RampantLionReviews pfft.\n\nGo drink your crap beer.\n\nMate :)

RampantLionReviews: And not a single fuck was given that day….

John Shepherd: Ahhhh! … the Redback Hotel … memories. Sadly now an apartment block.\nDogbolter on tap at the Redback was a cracker; still a nice molasses dark ale.\nAlpha Pale Ale is their best beer IMO (I preferred it in a blind taste test against Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which surprised me).\nFat Yak is ok, and the wide distribution ensures that if you're in an envrionment that has nothing but bland commercial lagers, they've probably got Fat Yak as a choice, which has occasionally save the day.

RampantLionReviews: +John Shepherd Ah nice – I'm sure I've seen the Alpha Pale so I'll need to buy a bottle of it the next time I see it. I thought this one was ok, but when it comes an English Pale Ale, I'd rather go with a proper golden Ale or move to the other extreme of the American Pale Ale – not so keen on the sort of middle ground that these beers present. I'll need to get that VB vid done too but I think I'm gonna save that until I head to my aunt and uncle's in the outback where the choice is a it more limited! Cheers John! :)