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Kingdom:Five groups that classify all life Animalia Phylum:Several creatures inside the animal kingdom Chordata Class:Several creatures inside a pylum Mammalia Order:Several creatures inside a class Artiodactyla Family:Several creatures inside an order Bovidae Genus:Several creatures inside a family Bos Scientific Name:Made up of the genus adopted through the species Bos Grunniens Type:Your pet group the species is associated with Mammal Diet:What sort of foods your pet eats Herbivore Size:How lengthy (L) or tall (H) your pet is 2-2.2m (6.5-7.2ft) Weight:The measurement of methods heavy your pet is 300-1,000kg (661-2,200lbs) Top Speed:The quickest recorded speed from the animal 40km/h (25mph) Life Time:How lengthy your pet lives for 15-twenty years Lifestyle:If the animal is solitary or interpersonal Herd Conservation Status:The probability of your pet becoming extinct Threatened Colour:The color from the animal’s coat or markings Brown, Black, White-colored Type Of Skin:The protective layer from the animal Hair Favourite Food: Grass Habitat:The area in which in which the animal lives All downhill meadows and open hillsides Average Litter Size:The typical quantity of babies born at the same time 1 Primary Prey: Grass, Herbs, Mosses Predators:Other creatures that search and consume the animal Human, Bears, Baby wolves Special Features: Thick, hairy coat and enormous horns

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