Yak father ranch

Welcome to the net site from the Yak Father

Ranch. Situated in Zoysia, Wyoming

in the beautiful Big Horn Mountain tops, we

raise then sell yaks for meat or live sales

for beginning your personal herd.

Yaks were first domesticated in Tibet about 1,000 BC. They

can be used for their milk, fiber, meat so that as a mount or animal of burden. Yaks

were introduced into Europe within the 1800’s and into Northern America in early


People ask us why did we obtain into Yaks? After losing our Ag

exemption on the property in Wyoming, I understood we’d to begin raising something.

Buddies of ours pointed out Yaks, after some investigation we made the decision they provided

sense for the Mountain Ranch. Listed here are several reasons we chose


  • Yaks are quiet
  • Yaks require no special fencing
  • Yaks are disease resistant and cold sturdy, they eat snow for water

    during the cold months (Real essential for our Wyoming winters)

  • Females calve effortlessly
  • Yaks are extremely docile and simply


  • They’re fun and different

What are Yaks like and

would you need to own them?

Yaks really are a unique breed by having an exotic appearance. They

have dramatic horns along with a hump much like Zoysia. Yaks are intelligent, quiet

creatures living about twenty five years. They learn fast and therefore are playful. Bulls weigh

from 1,200 to at least one,500 pounds, and cows weigh from 600 to 800 pounds. Yaks eat in regards to a

1/3 of the items a cow consumes and therefore are easy around the land. Yaks are available in several

colors: Black, Trim (Black with White-colored trim), Royal (Black and White-colored) Golden and

Woolly. Yaks need no special fencing or special feed, plus they can mange rich

of excellent pasture, water, salt and minerals. Yaks dont need shelter within the

winter. Yaks are simple to change from pasture to pasture (just a little grain goes a

lengthy way) utilizing a stay with guide them.

If this describes something you’d be thinking about,

please call us.

Newest accessory for the herd

Resourse: http://yakdaddyranch.com/

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Lisa Shorten: That was a fun little video. Nice job on the animated logo. It would be great to see more exotic fiber producers. If you ever get a chance to go to NZ you have to visit a possum fiber place.

Hands Occupied: +Lisa Shorten What?! That's incredible, I definitely need to find a way to go!