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Yak plays an essential role in Tibetan living. It isn’t just a significant meal source, but additionally a important transportation tool. Simultaneously, yak’s bone, leather and fur are valuable materials.

Tibet Yak

Inhabiting in high plateau with elevation in excess of 4000m, Tibetan Yak itself an uncommon species. Tibet government began to construct a yak theme museum in the past. The development is going to be finished soon.

This Tibetan Yak Museum is situated in Liuwu New District, Lhasa City. Because the only Yak theme museum in China, it covers greater than 8,000 square meters. It offers three styles: Yak – Nature and Science, Yak – Background and Humanity, Yak – Sprit and Art, which introduces clearly concerning the origin, evolution, domestication, and also the special culture produced by yaks and Tibetan.

Tibet Yak

Based on latest news, the Tibetan Yak Museum is going to be opened up for public in 18th, May, 2014.

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