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At Grunniens Yak Ranch (rhymes with onions) we concentrate on raising the very best yaks for just about any purposes. Our outstanding genetics could possibly be the foundation of your starter herd or accustomed to improve specific characteristics inside your yak herd. Our herd is made on diverse genetics, proven winners, and careful selection. Health, fertility, conformation, and temperament is how our time is spent so that you can concentrate on the characteristics that you need. The greatest priority in our breeding program may be the retention of characteristics which make yaks the truly amazing alternative animals they’re: feed efficiency, altitude adaptation, cold hardiness, disease resistance, predator defensiveness, and calving ease. Yaks are a remarkably productive animal, supplying the livelihoods of Tibetans for hundreds of years. The worst we’re able to do is introduce the issues connected with modern bovine production – elevated input costs, needed human intervention, growing vet bills, decreasing fertility rates…. discover why and just how we’re dealing with nature to produce highly productive yaks that outshine the herd.

We provide robust breeding stock, amazing fiber creatures, and great pasture pets. Our goal is to offer you the perfect yak for your requirements regardless if you are a skilled cattle breeder, a spare time activity player, a homesteader, an supplier, or perhaps an established yak farm. Our dedication to excellence shows in everything we all do from your top yak breeding stock, to the yak products and yak meat, to the following the purchase support. Explore our website, there’s a kid’s page. Find out about yaks and our ranch’s story then visit our ranch to discover why you need to choose yaks from Grunniens Ranch. 

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Racing Giant Yaks in Mongolia


Jacob Bielski: I enjoyed watching this, but I'm not sure why you actually through in criticisms of yak racing at the end.

Genghis Khan: There yaks suck dick!

Valentin Lance: +Genghis Khan Don't you have some village to pillage somewhere?

andrasiboti: +Genghis Khan HOLY SHIT! O_O

Kapitein Haddock: Seems to me they're training to raid the world again.

Angie Byambasuren: Proud Mongolian✊

EdGringo78: Fun yaktivities. Bahahahahaha!!!!

drawingboard82: Very informative.  Well done!

Eduardo Freitas: This is awesome

moongod1: nice video