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September 16, 2012

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All About Highland Beef

Make room Angus, there’s a brand new cow around!

Just about everyone has heard about Angus beef but the number of of you’ve heard of the lengthy haired breed with horns known as Highland Premium? Very few I bet however the meat from Highland beef is equally as good otherwise much better than what the majority of us are utilized to.

I lately had the pleasure of learning about Highland Premium Beef from Jon Cordonier of effective West Cattle Company. Together with his help, I could put this short article together to discover Highland cattle and just how they rival mass created beef within this country.

What’s Highland Premium Beef?

It’s beef which comes from Highland cattle that’s superior in flavor, tenderness and cooking. Highland (sometimes known as Scottish Highland) is really a distinct variety of cattle which are generally smaller sized than Angus and different within their looks due to their lengthy hair and horns. It is among the earliest purebred cattle breeds on the planet, very sturdy and first developed around the cold north Chesapeake bay of Scotland.

How come Highland cows not utilized as a higher growth – high end cattle breed?

Remember the lyrics in the great 60’s play Hair? “Long haired freaky individuals need not apply”? Highland cows have a similar problem.

Their lengthy hair and horns make sure they are unacceptable for commercial operation. What rancher wants to cope with horns nowadays? They’re more harmful to operate around so when the cattle fight, they are able to cause all sorts of problems. Besides taking on an excessive amount of room in the feed trough in a commercial feedlots, the slaughter houses shouldn’t cope with them simply because they slow lower production.

And just what about this lengthy hair. Inside a modern feedlot, the lengthy hair gathers large dirt balls so cattle buyers complain and discount the prices. Cattle ranchers rapidly determine it’s simpler to change to a new breed when they want to earn more money.

Why is Highland Beef “Premium”?

Premium suggests better than other products in the field. The flavour needs to be more serious in flavor and it must be more tender than other breeds. Ale Highland breeders to follow the sire/dam of every cow lets them select back the greater creatures to create “premium” cows. This can be a big plus for small operations within the large mass production ranches.

So how exactly does Highland Premium Beef rival “choice” or “prime” graded beef?

Based on Jon Cordonier of effective West Cattle Company, the butcher in the USDA slaughtering facility they will use provides them verbal grades that quantity to 50/50 between choice and prime. Simply because they produce only a small amount of cows every year, it’s too costly to allow them to employ a federal USDA grader. What this signifies they aren’t able to sell their beef as prime in a much greater cost despite the fact that 50% of chances are it will be prime. They aspire to soon be able to employ a USDA grader within the next year approximately.

Do you know the benefits of raising 300 mind of cattle versus 5,000?

It’s more personal” states Jon Cordonier ” We all know our cattle at 300 mind. We do not have manure disposal problems, odor problems, etc. There exists a very clean feedlot. Another advantage in a tiny feedlot is we’ve lower disease problems.”

Since they’re dealing with smaller sized figures, it normally won’t need to instantly feed their cattle a lot of antibiotics to avoid disease from occurring. By continuing to keep it easier and feeding their cows eating too much corn, oatmeal and hay and providing them more attention, they create a more “all-natural” product.

Online Steak Buying Sources

Convenience – Selections – Quality – Ratings – Prime – Giving Gifts – Corporate Occasions

The majority of us buy our steaks at our local market. After I was becoming an adult, my mother bought steaks in the local butcher, but mother and pop butchers have become a rarity. Kind you purchase steaks online?

I actually do recommend you’re able to know a nearby butcher in your area, question them plenty of questions, request advice and finest buys, however when you need something difficult to find or are delivering a present to a person special, take a look at one of these simple steak sources.

Chicago Steak Company – a top-notch provider of gourmet steaks, sea food and desserts who continue the lengthy and wealthy tradition of Delivering Mid-Western Corn-Given USDA Prime, Black Angus, and Premium USDA Choice steaks to homes and companies across America.

Snake River Farms – Founded in 1968 by Robert Rebholtz, Sr., Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch are members of Agri Beef Co., a household managed business focused on producing the greatest quality beef and pork within the U . s . States. The Northwest has distinct advantages over other cattle raising regions together with a temperate climate that keeps the cattle comfortable all year round. The geographic location offers use of an assorted selection of feed ingredients.

Omaha Steaks – among the best know online steak companies around. Headquartered in Nebraska, Omaha Steaks distributes a multitude of premium steaks, red meats along with other gourmet foods. It’s a family business and also have been since their founding in 1917.

OmahaSteaks.com, Inc.

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