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cow has some type of escutcheon mirror. The escutcheon may be the

representation of:

  • how

    rapidly the cow can come into milk

  • how

    much milk she’ll give

  • how

    lengthy she’ll give high amounts of milk.


is accurate both in beef and dairy cows. Your hair within the escutcheon is

traveling upward. The broader the handle part that extends from udder to

vulva and anus the faster she’ll enter into full milk production and

the more she’ll give that production. This really is visible around the baby



production is revealed by the quantity of hair around the udder. The cows

having a bald to semi bald udder would be the greatest butterfat producers.

This cow includes a good escutcheon, she offers quite a bit

of lengthy smooth hair around the udder. A cow with lengthy

smooth hair has milk fat depression and it is living under

poor management.

A really small escutcheon, milk production

is low. Her peak is half

of ordinary production.

Her calf are affected from starvation

at the begining of several weeks due to low milk production.

This cow includes a really small escutcheon. she’ll be

lower in milk production. wont enter into full milk

production until around two months. The absence

from the escutcheon extending to the vulva

signifies the cow will fail substantially after

the start of pregnancy.

This cow includes a small udder and also the escutcheon

stops just above the top of the udder. She’ll

not produce milk by the bucket load. Her calf

are affected from insufficient (milk) diet.


for butter fat and tender, fine-textured meat

This can be a beautiful bald udder. This is exactly what we’re

searching for for butterfat production. Her tail is of the

high yellow with large dry skin scales. The wax in

the ear is really a high yellow. The

lack of hair around the

udder may be the # 1 indicator of high milk fat. The greater

hair around the udder the low the butterfat. This really is

also an indication of tenderness or fine textured meat.

I refer to this as tail butter.

Any animal rich in yellow and

flakes around the last 6 inches of tail underneath the lengthy switch

locks are a pet that creates a higher milk fat

content. This animal can also get 4+% intra-muscular

fat. This is an indication of tenderness or fine

textured meat.

A pet with yellow wax within the ear is really a high milk-fat

producer in addition to a tender meat indicator. You

always find this using the yellow and flakes around the tail.

The escutcheon stops just over the

surface of udder. She

is really a high producer and will also be producing maximum

quantity of milk in thirty days. After pregnancy a clear, crisp

loss of production begins.. Who owns this cow

waits 150 days to re-breed for that reason sharp decline.


for Glandular Function

Note the dark hair around the lower neck. this

represents the thymus gland activity.

The thymus gland represents good immune

function. Note the deep sheen/shine from the hair coat. this represents a

very active immune response. These types of cows don’t get sick nor do

their calves. Basically consider a cow/bull to buy this is actually the very

first factor I search for. Basically cant visit a large thymus whorl I’m not

thinking about acquiring the animal. The thymus gland provides the white-colored

bloodstream cells their marching orders. When the hair coat and also the thymus

gland aren’t visible then your animal is prone to the stresses

and illnesses that plague our industry.

Within the dairies that feed lots of starchy

supplements your hair is brief and perhaps just a little sheen, nevertheless the

thymus along with other glands aren’t very frequently visible. The sebaceous fluid isn’t healthy within the grain-given cows.

A cow having a shinny streak the entire period of the top

back is definitely an indicator the gland product is fully active.



After 3 decades of observation with twenty five years

of semen collection and evaluations I have started to the final outcome that

over 90% of open cows is caused by the reduced fertility status from the

bulls utilized on the cow herds today. There’s a couple of bulls that don’t

leave open cows within the herd and achieve this the size of

their existence.

James Drayson collected information while

operating his bull collecting facility for 3 decades and prior to the finish

of his existence compiled his research and findings inside a book titled Herd

Bull Fertility. Drayson discovered that the dimensions, shape (conformation)

beginning as soon as 7-8 several weeks old has more effect on bulls ability

to impregnate cows that every other impacts. Nearly every producer culls

open cows, very little producer culls a bull due to open cows no does

any breeder I understand (lacking two breeders) focus on herd bull fertility.

With no herd of cows that be capable of produce fertile herd

sires and taking advantage of a bull using the greatest quantity of motel sperm

cells (1 billion 500 million at 14 several weeks) reproduction continues

to remain in the national degree of 70%.

I’ll make an effort to express the issues and

some solutions using the following images of testicles and

conformations within the following examples


of the perfectly formed scrotal

This can be a perfect group of testicles in conformation and

structure and testosterone production. A mans testicles will assimilate

the near perfect genes from the mail. These testicles provide

2-3 billion sperm cells per mil of semen. This bull is extremely

masculine (large crest, wide shoulders and maintains themself when

spending so much time). This bull will easily impregnate 80% from the cows he

services within the first a 3 week period from the breeding season.


formed testicles

These testicles don’t have any neck and also the testicles are lengthy and

cylinder formed. The form should really represent a football with

a little more taper at top than bottom. This bull and then any bull which has

testicles formed diverse from the right is only going to choose a

regular bases roughly 50-60% from the cows he services within the first

a 3 week period from the breeding season and can leave a couple of of the greatest cows

open the fertile bull would settle.

Spot the nipples around the neck

from the nut sack. Is a result of this sort of nipple setting will

make the kids to possess tilted udders. Tilted udders don’t

produce the level of milk a properly created flat udder will.

Note the epididymis around the left

side is around the outdoors bottom. The testicle is switched half around in

the scrotal sack. Note the division (the V shape ) between your inside

bottom as well as the crease or dividing line between your testicles

in the bottom to the top.This V and division may cause the

kids udders to become segmented, funnel formed, lower

production and also the division between the rear of a mans testicles leads to a

week restraining ligament or even the udder will sag and brake lower.

Note the deep division between your

testicles within the back. the left testicle overlaps the best below,

his kids may have sloppy udders. These

misshapen testicle or other kind of misshapen

or deformity will invariably have low sperm production, low

testosterone production therefore fertility suffers.


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