Diamondz pet health spa

Diamondz pet health spa Cost will

$48 each hour + tax

(susceptible to change), by having an hour being

the minimum

* Cost will be different if breed isn’t the

standard size, hair texture, has matting

or special needs for example difficulty.

Breed of dogs which are in bold

might be between one hour and 1 1/2 hrs.

There’s an opportunity these dogs might be in

the fir 1/2 hour cost bracket

Basset Hound Collie Smooth

Coat King Charles Rottweiler Beagle Coonhound Lab Schipperke Bichon Frise* Corgi (Sweater & Pembroke) Lhasa Apso* Shar-pei Bloodhound Curly Coated Retriever Maltese Sheltie* Blue Healbot Dachshunds (lengthy & short

hair) Mastiff (Bull & British) Shepherds (Anatolian, Australian,

German) Border Collie* Dalmatian

Miniature Pinscher Shiba Inu Boxer Doberman Pinscher Papillion Shih Tzu Brittany Spaniel Flat Coated Retriever Pekingese Vizsla Bull Terrier Mastiff Pointer (short & wire

Diamondz pet health spa be betweenhair) Terriers

(Boston, Bull, Carin, Fox, Jack Russel,

Min. Schnauzer, Smooth, Scotties, Staffordshire/Pit

Bull, Welsh, Westie, Yorkie) Bulldogs (American,

French & British) Greyhound Pomeranian* Chesapeake Bay Retriever Italian Greyhound Dog (Teacup, Toy

& Miniature)* Weimaraner Chihuahua (short & lengthy

haired) Havanese* Pug Whippet Chinese Crested (Hairless

& Power-puff) Japanese Face Rhodesian Ridgeback

Resourse: http://diamondzpetspa.com/

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