Tea tuesdays: butter up that tea, tibetan-style : the salt : npr

Tea tuesdays: butter up that tea, tibetan-style : the salt : npr and investor David Asprey

The teas are such most of the diet that, until lately "every Tibetan owned a por pa or tea bowl," writes Rupert Faulkner, a writer and senior curator in the Victoria and Albert Museum working in london, in the book Tea East & West. He adds the bowls even snugly squeeze into the pocket from the chupa, a conventional bit of clothing worn by both men and women.

Today it’s more prevalent to determine Tibetans consuming their butter tea from thermoses. It is also a part of Tibetan hospitality to provide visitors a bowl of butter tea, that is a yellow-colored color and it has the consistency of soup. Along with a good host will refilling the bowl towards the brim over and over until it is time for goodbyes — after which a polite guest will drain what remains.

Towards the Western palate, yak butter may taste strange initially, possibly because resilient yak can survive on the meager diet of grasses and shrubs. This will make for any completely different taste compared to sweet butter we are accustomed to, created by corn-given cows. The Heisses describe the yak butter tea as getting an "oily and fatty texture which coated our mouths."

One Westerner, however, was deeply inspired by yak butter tea, a lot he began a business riffing from the idea. Heard about Bulletproof Coffee? It had been "invented" by Plastic Valley entrepreneur and investor David Asprey after he attempted yak butter tea in Tibet. It combines grassfed-butter, oil and occasional right into a breakfast of champions Asprey claims will suppress hunger and provide your mind a lift. (Most are dubious of those claims read Gizmodo’s takedown here.)

Tea Tuesdays is definitely an periodic series going through the science, history, culture and financial aspects of the ancient made beverage.

Resourse: http://npr.org/sections/thesalt/2015/05/05/404435137/

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