British bull terriers: what’s good about Them? what’s bad about Them?

More characteristics and traits from the British Bull Terrier

Basically was thinking about an British Bull Terrier, I’d be most worried about…

  1. Supplying enough exercise and mental stimulation. Bull Terriers, whether Standard or Miniature, are extremely active dogs who Should have regular possibilities to vent their high energy and also to use their busy minds to complete interesting things. Otherwise they’ll become rambunctious and bored — that they usually express by destructive eating. Bored Bull Terriers are renowned for eating through drywall, ripping the stuffing from sofas, and turning your yard right into a moonscape of giant craters.
  2. Bounciness. Youthful Bull Terriers (as much as around three years of age) could be bulls inside a china shop. Once they romp and jump, they are doing so with great vigor, and things will go flying, including people.
    For those who have young children, or you or anybody who lives along with you is seniors or infirm, I don’t recommend Bull Terrier young puppies, particularly the Standard size. The temptation to experience roughly is just too strong in youthful Bullies.
  3. Supplying enough socialization. Many Bull Terriers love everybody, however, many have protective instincts toward other people. All Bull Terriers need extensive contact with friendly people so that they learn how to recognize the standard behaviors of "good guys." They can recognize the main difference if somebody functions abnormally. Without careful socialization, they might be concered about everybody, which can lead to biting. Some Bull Terriers use the alternative direction — lacking the necessary socialization, they become frightened of other people, be responsible for defensive biting.
  4. Animal aggression. Many Bull Terriers won’t tolerate another dog of the identical sex. Some will not tolerate a potential partner, either. Many Bull Terriers, both Standard and Miniature, have strong instincts to chase and seize cats along with other fleeing creatures. Contrary goes completely wrong within the breeding, socializing, training, handling, or control over these breeds, they can handle seriously injuring or killing other creatures.
  5. The strong temperament. Bull Terriers aren’t Golden Retrievers. They’ve a completely independent mind that belongs to them and aren’t pushovers to boost and train. They may be manipulative, and lots of are willful, obstinate, and dominant (they would like to function as the boss) and could make you prove that you could make sure they are do things. You have to demonstrate to them, through absolute consistency, that you simply mean that which you say.
    To educate your Bull Terrier to hear you, "Respect Training" is required. My Bull Terrier Training Page discusses this program you’ll need.
  6. Shedding. Bull Terriers shed even more than you may think. Their short, coarse hairs appear to deal with whenever you pet them, and stick tenaciously for your carpeting, upholstery, and clothing. Additionally, individuals with sensitive skin may react adversely towards the "pokes" from the harsh hairs.
  7. Serious health issues. From cardiovascular disease to kidney disease to eye disease to deafness, Bull Terriers are dangerous within the health department.
    To help keep this breed healthy, I highly recommend following all the suggestions about my Bull Terrier Health Page.
  8. Legal liabilities. British Bull Terriers won’t be the same breed as Dog Terriers, but they’re frequently lumped together by public officials and also the media as potentially harmful dogs. Thus, British Bull Terriers might be focused on future "banning" in a few areas, or refusal of homeowner insurance plans. In this point in time, the legal liabilities of owning any breed that appears intimidating and it has a fighting heritage ought to be seriously considered. Individuals are faster to file a lawsuit if this type of dog does anything even remotely questionable.
    Frankly, most Bull Terriers, both Standard and Miniature, are "an excessive amount of dog" for that average household. Very couple of people genuinely have the understanding or skills essential to manage these fiery, high-energy breeds, in order to supply the activities that have them satisfied.

book cover To understand more about training British Bull Terriers to become calm and well-socialized, consider my canine training book,

Educate Your Pet 100 British Words.

It is a unique Vocabulary and Respect Training Course that can make your British Bull Terrier the neatest, best-socialized companion you have ever had.

Teaches your pet to hear you, to concentrate on you, and also to do anything you question to complete.

book cover My dog buying guide, Dog Quest: Discover The Dog You’ve Always Dreamt Of, will educate you all you need to learn about locating a healthy British Bull Terrier puppy. Health issues have grown to be so prevalent in dogs today this book is needed studying for Anybody who’s hoping to get a purebred, crossbred, or mixed breed dog.

If you want to talk to myself about if the British Bull Terrier may well be a good breed of dog for the family, I provide a Breed Of Dog Talking to Service.

book cover After you have your British Bull Terrier home, you have to KEEP him healthy — or maybe he’s getting any current health issues, you ought to get him back on the path to a healthy body.

My dog healthcare book, 11 Considerations To Do Right To Maintain Your Dog Happy and healthy may be the book you’ll need.

Lift up your dog the proper way and you’ll be helping him live an extended, healthier existence while staying away from health issues and unnecessary veterinary expenses.

Please consider adopting a grownup British Bull Terrier…

When you are obtaining an British Bull Terrier PUPPY, you are obtaining potential — what he eventually is going to be. So "typical breed characteristics" are important.

However when you acquire a grownup dog, you are obtaining what he already IS and you may decide whether he’s the best dog for you personally according to that reality. There are many adult British Bull Terriers who’ve already proven themselves To not have negative characteristics which are "typical" for his or her breed. If you discover this kind of adult dog, don’t allow "typical breed negatives" worry you. You need to be happy that you simply found an atypical individual — and revel in!

Save a existence. Adopt your dog.

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Marcus Hillen: hey can i get the instrumental in the background?

Emmy Millet: Please could you do a border terrier if you get time. I have one at home 😊.

L.D Baywood: This has always been my dream dog, they look too dope

Crazylegs118: If you really want one make sure you have insurance.

itsAdri Gonzales: I have one and he bit me and my 2 year old nephew still have him\n lol love him to much

Swell Character: I like the opening for these videos. That classic sound followed by a slowing-down stop to the song to get into the video. A very artful/creative opening. The Bull terrier – the true bulldog-and-terrier dog. From another informative Dogumentary TV video with Richard F. Stratton, it would seem that some folks believe that the history of Bull terriers sometimes gets mixed up, or shared, with the American Pit bulldog's history. While some folks say that the American Pit bulldog is a mix of bulldog and terrier, Mr. Stratton believes that the American Pit bulldog is the original bulldog, while the Bull terrier is a product of bulldog and terrier blood. I've heard it said that blood from other breeds such as Dalmatian, Spanish pointer, Whippet, Borzoi, and Rough collie were put into the Bull terrier later on, but I'm not exactly sure. I reckon that would explain the change in appearance from looking more like a Pit bulldog or Staffordshrie Bull to how it looks now.

alwaysopen: My boy is all white but has Dalmatian marks all over his skin. This is the most muscular breed of dog I've been around; moreso than my AmStaff and he was a brute.

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Kakoma Mwale: i just rescued a bull terrier and i love this breed