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There’s no class and caste system in Bhutan. There are several organizations to empower lady. Bhutanese happen to be gender sensitive, a wide open along with a good-spirited society.

Driglam Namzha- the standard etiquette may be the fundamental norms you ought to know while residing in Bhutanese society. Following these norms enables the people from the society conduct themselves. A few of the types of following these norms are putting on a shawl while visiting dzongs and monasteries, offering felicitation scarves if somebody will get promotion, letting the elders and priests serve themselves first, greetings the elders and seniors before they want you. This straightforward but fundamental practice synchronizes society.

It’s wrong to the touch anyone’s mind or stretch your ft in public places because the mind in considered sacred and legs impure.

Kuzuzangpo among equals and kuzuzangpola towards the seniors may be the limited greetings. Bhutanese bow lower while greeting the seniors. Trembling hands has gain recognition within the urban areas.

Bhutan includes a population well over 600,000 which includes multi-ethnic and multi-lingual society, as couple of the following.


The ultimate northeast is lived on by Brokpas. Those are the semi-nomads who reside in the villages of Merak and Sakteng and enjoy rearing yaks and sheep. They speak Bro-kad, the word what from the Brokpas. In summer time they proceed to the pastures within the greater lands using their yaks and sheep as well as in winter they return to reside in their properties, normally built of gemstones with small ventilation to safeguard in the piercing cold temperature.

Tshanglas (Sharchops)

The folks from the eastern Bhutan are known as Tshanglas (descendants of Lord Brahma), typically referred to as Sharchops or even the easterners who speak Tshanglakha. Weaving is a well-liked occupation of ladies. They produce beautiful fabrics mainly of silk and raw silk.


The occupants of Lhuentse district from the eastern region and across the bank of Kurichu river are known as Kurtoeps. The ladies of Khoma in Kurtoe are weavers and provide skill in weaving the grandiose Kushithara (textiles).


Individuals who dwells the central Bhutan are known as The Bumthaps, Mangdeps and Khengpas. They speak Bumtapkha, Mangdepkha and khengkha correspondingly. The Bumthaps rear yaks and sheeps. Additionally they produce fabrics of made of woll and yak hair. The khengpas are recognized for the bamboo and cane craft.

People and society - happiness journey bhutan standard etiquette may


The folks of western Bhutan who speak Dzongkha are known as Ngalongs. The polished form of Dzongkha is national language of Bhutan.


The folks inhabiting southeast the nation are known as Lhotshanpas. They speak Lhotshamkha which has similarities to Nepali language and exercise Hinduism. There’s also the Lhops, typically referred to as Doyas. Doyas would be the tribal those who are moved in Dorokha. There is a dialect that belongs to them and dress in their own individual unique style.


such as the Brokpas people inhabiting the northern area of the country may be the west are known as Layaps. This semi-nomad speaks Layapkha.


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Dorji Wangchuk: he has been always a role model in which every one can look upon building meaning in life

Rinzin Wangchuk: we are very proud of you your excellency. you are the best.

roderick hackney: Superb interview by Tia. \nRod Hackney

thukten dendup: Always a inspiration to all the Bhutanese.

Odipa XXX: amazing speech!

dorji98: Superb!  Great leader! 

Karsel: I am very happy to listen to the great politician or 1st PM of Bhutan. Your speech was very comprehensive, reasonable, understandable and audible in such a way that even deaf could understand and appreciate.

JohnA Neenan: I have to say, I really struggled to watch that video as I found the interviewers style very irritating. It's a shame because it could have been very good.

moe Crowley: Seriously this guy again??? His shameless posturing and vague banters are as embarrassing as the obvious teleological failures of GNH. Go to Bhutan and ask regular folks… "what GNH?" "whose GNH? we need job, money, loans, prados, buildings and trips to bangkok", just saying.

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